There are so many fun things to do in this area and winter brings a new round of great options. While there is plenty of room for family fun, why not take an adult break and get a babysitter? You’ll find lots of great ways to take advantage of the season and enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some ideas to get you started!

A coffee date is a fun way to connect and Camber Coffee is delicious. Photo credit: David Yake.

Get some time together to just talk

There are a plethora of coffee shops in Whatcom County, most of them warm, cozy and unique. Sip on some hot chocolate, coffee or tea in a plush leather chair and talk to each other (without interruption!).

If you just want coffee, try one of the newer shops like Primer, Dori’s or Camber. If you want some tea, check out SAKU tea. If those beverages aren’t your top picks, try out the Rustic Coffee & Wine Bar for some evening wines or get a special drink at the Temple Bar. Just make sure that wherever you pick is a relaxing, calm environment, perfect for making conversation or simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Get that holiday shopping done early

You can buy for your kids; your nieces and nephews; your parents and siblings all without having to worry about what your children are up to or being rushed. Joke with eachother over cheesy items, figure out what would be perfect for everyone on your list and feel productive before the holiday hustle and bustle that starts in mid-December. If you opt to shop around Fairhaven or Bellingham, this date will probably feel even more festive and fun. Stop and get hot beverages together halfway through your shopping and enjoy the art, architecture and people-watching that accompany being in town. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses!

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors as a couple. Photo credit: Taylor Bailey.

Go on a hike

Yes, you can do this with children (and it probably is good to do it with them sometimes), but when you can just go on a nice walk together without having to carry another human, hear any complaining or pack extra snacks, it is worth it to hire the sitter. Not to mention the fact that you can go at your own pace when it is just the two of you! Winter is a great time to go on a hike, as the trees block out the rain from above and the forest smells wonderful. Plus it feels good to get outside in a season with a lot of indoor activities. Whether your hike is simply walking around Whatcom Falls Park or climbing all the way up to that glorious view at Burnout, you’ll enjoy the closeness to nature and to one another.

Exercise together

With the rain, short days and cold weather, winter quickly becomes the time to stay inside with hot drinks, sweets and movies. While that is fun sometimes, it is probably good to get your body moving too. Try bouldering at Vital Climbing Gym, take a yoga class together, challenge eachother on some spin bikes or go on a run. You’ll feel better, more energized and excited to go on more dates!

Vital Climbing Gym, full of new and veteran climbers enjoying the evening. Photo credit: Taylor Bailey.

See a show

Comedy, drama, dance or music – take your pick. Go together or on a double date to something that you would’ve seen when you were dating. Laugh with abandon at the Upfront; dance together at a local show at the Green Frog, Wild Buffalo, the Shakedown or another venue; be blown away by winter-themed ballets, orchestras or plays at the Mount Baker Theater; or watch stunning movies at the Pickford Film Center. If none of those sound feasible or fun, watch a football game and support your team with a beer in hand at one of the local breweries!

Try something new together

There are a variety of classes offered all around this county, from ceramics to dance to cooking. Pick something that neither of you have tried before and enjoy your time. Autumn and winter themed classes abound at the Co-op, make Christmas stockings or ornaments together at Ragfinery, or search for something you two already want to learn!

Try playing a board game together while inside this winter! Photo credit: Taylor Bailey.

Reverse the date and have your sitter take your kids out

With them busy getting dinner and seeing a movie, you and your partner can relax at your home. Cook some hearty meals together like a warm squash soup. Relax together in front of a fire (if you can) perhaps with some dessert and get in some much-needed alone time together.

Explore the cities

We live near two major cities – Vancouver and Seattle, as well as around many quaint small towns and cool mid-sized towns. In this time of year, people are saving up vacation time to spend with family over the holidays and most people aren’t going on day trips like they do over the summer months. Enjoy the lessened traffic, get a feel for the city the way a local would and enjoy the change of scenery. Call in a sitter for the day and then take off together. Traveling together is rewarding, fun and can be surprisingly cheap – especially if you pack some sandwiches and walk or bus around the city rather than drive or taxi.

Homemade pizzas are great for an at home date. Photo credit: Taylor Bailey.

Get lunch out together

If your kids are in school, then this one might not even require a babysitter! Get lunch at one of the great local restaurants, share delicious food and catch up with eachother before finishing your days.

Get some time for yourselves, individually

Maybe you have really wanted to catch up with friends or finish up an old project. The beauty of having time to yourselves is that when you and your partner reconnect, there is more to talk about than kids or work. Just getting time to sit and read a good book can be a blessing in this busy season. Hire the sitter and then each of you get a chance to unwind, think, be challenged and grow.

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