Trees of the PNW: A Wildcrafting Series with Northwest Natura (Day 2)


This is day 2 of the series.

This series is designed for individuals at any skill level who are interested in learning more about trees and wildcrafting skills.

Each class will incorporate guided note-taking and hands-on experience that will familiarize you with various trees of the Pacific Northwest.

Overall, we will be moving at a slow pace during each outing as we focus on our surroundings and have mini lectures, and the second half of class will generally be stationary to engage in crafts and activities.

Expect some gentle to moderate hiking, and some kneeling or squatting.

Each class will build on the previous one. For more details, keep reading!

This is a deep dive into more mixed forest species and a wildcrafting course using Pacific Willow or Vine Maple, and Western Redcedar.

What to expect:

First Half: We will wander along a forest road and onto random footpaths along the Nooksack River, observing tree species and searching for the perfect materials to use in the second half of class. This class will be accessible while incorporating wandering and choosing paths at random based on resources and curiosity.

Second Half: Using Western Redcedar from the forest, learn how to make traditional cordage. Using willow stems from the riverbank, enjoy the view while you craft a decorative ring to be hung up in your garden, your front door, or elsewhere to be admired. Extra decorating materials will be provided. An email with ideas of what you may want to bring for decorations will be sent to you a few days prior to the event.

***Please register via the website.

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