The Narrative Project Presents True Stories: An Anthology

01/11/2019 @ 7:00 pm
Ravenna Third Place Books
6504 20th Ave. NE
WA 98115

The Narrative Project is proud to announce the release of our first anthology. 100% of the 25 authors who worked for nine months to complete their books have published stand-alone excerpts and are excited to celebrate.

“The Narrative Project turned me into a real writer,” says Ann Kremer, 2018 TNP participant.

“I started with a bunch of blog posts I knew I wanted to turn into a book. Now I’ve got a book contract and my book is coming out in April! I know without a shadow of a doubt that without The Narrative Project, this wouldn’t be happening. It changed my life in many ways.” – Ronna Russell, author of The Uncomfortable Confessions of a Preacher’s Kid.

The authors in this volume came to The Narrative Project with stories burning to be told. For some, they’d started their books decades ago; for others, they were still living their stories as they wrote. The commitment to authors in The Narrative Project, no matter where a writer is on their journey, is to help them figure out what they really want to say and then give them everything they need to write the books they want to write.

The culmination of this program is the publication of 25 deeply moving, profoundly honest stand-alone pieces that portend what is to come from these authors in their full-length books.

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