David Syre: ‘Envisioning A Better Future’ exhibit now open at Gallery Syre

David Syre with a new work. Photo courtesy: Gallery Syre
11/03/2020 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Gallery Syre
465 West Stuart Road
David Syre: 'Envisioning A Better Future' exhibit now open at Gallery Syre @ Gallery Syre

GALLERY SYRE is pleased to announce ‘David Syre: Envisioning A Better Future’, to open on July 21, 2020. This show marks also the re-opening of Gallery Syre after the three-months pause.

In Vita Activa and the Human Condition, Hannah Arendt wrote, “Men, not Man, live on the earth and inhabit the world,” meaning the plurality of things represents not an aspect but a condition. This plurality is the law of our existence, and Syre’s new works aim to explore and unveil it.

The COVID-19 emergency forced the entire world to stop and to stay home and to find pleasure despite this situation. We had time for our families, time to reflect, time for nature, and for ourselves, time to assess what was working and what was not.

David Syre made use of the forced quarantine to read, study, watch, and make art, always  investigating his preferred topics: spirituality, ancient wisdom, and personal evolution.

The works that Syre created during this time have their very own language and message for a better future. Mostly abstract and painted with powerful colors, these recent canvases inspire people to take a leap into the unknown, to think about new forms of living-together and a new world in which humans can coexist with nature again.

The exhibition David Syre: Envisioning A Better Future will showcase +60 new paintings and drawings offering this plural vision of a new world to come. A Culminating aspect of this project will be its participatory nature: every visitor will be invited to comment on one (or more) works and to share their impressions and dreams on a sticky note which will be collected on a public canvas at the entrance of the gallery with the intention to create, by the end of this exhibition, a collective vision board for a better future.

The exhibition will be open from July 21 until November 7, 2020. The gallery hours are 11 am to 4 pm and by appointment.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment at Gallery Syre. All visitors to the Gallery and staff will be required to wear masks at all times and to use their best efforts to maintain a six foot distance.

For more information and appointments please contact: info@davidsyreart.com / www.davidsyreart.com

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