Beth Anna Margolis exhibition, “Paintings of My Life,” at Gallery Syre

10/19/2021 all-day
Gallery Syre
465 W Stuart Rd
Beth Anna Margolis exhibition, "Paintings of My Life," at Gallery Syre @ Gallery Syre

Gallery Syre is proud to announce the first solo exhibition of Beth Anna Margolis. The exhibition, titled “Paintings of My Life,” will feature a selection of over 60 works that include originals and beautiful Giclee print reproductions, plus her newly published book.

Beth Anna Margolis (b.1971) is a painter and poet who has been creating art for many years. Her art is colorful, energetic, and inspired by her love for nature. The artworks and the book offer an incredible insight on Beth Anna’s world view, nurtured by her personal experiences and creative vision. Showcasing this life-time collection of her paintings along with the presentation of her new book with the eponymous title “Paintings of My Life,” Gallery Syre aims to open up and share Margolis’s story.

Beth Anna’s pastel drawings feature many elements that speak to her persona: vivid colors, elements of nature, and inventive patterns are only some of them. Trees and leaves, shades of green and yellow meet with her vision that complements her prolific artistry. Her lines are expressive and full of movement, making her subjects truly ever interesting and lively.

Also on display will be Beth Anna’s new book, which includes excerpts of her poetry and paintings from her previous book, “Uplifted Down Syndrome,” along with new essays, poems, and artwork never seen before. Overall, these works shed light on Beth Anna’s creativity and kindness, and her inherent power.

As Beth Anna says: “My experiences motivate my art, which I love. I want people to see that. I hope people will respect me for my talents. That is true for me and for other people with Down Syndrome. I can be anything I want. That’s power.” 

Contemporaneously, Gallery Syre will introduce a new selection of David Syre’s paintings made during Spring 2021.

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