Submitted by Assistance League of Bellingham

As Assistance League of Bellingham addresses our post-pandemic recovery plan, we are excited to introduce Eating Healthy, our newest philanthropic program.

We are partnering with and providing volunteer support and funds to a local nonprofit Common Threads Farm, which supports hands-on learning opportunities through their development of approximately 25 Whatcom County school gardens. Research shows that school gardens are excellent classrooms that nurture healthy children. Gardening is the study of life. The simple act of caring for the soil and plants gives children a foundation for understanding the principles of birth, growth, death, competition, cooperation, fostering environmental stewardship along with the benefit of eating more fresh vegetables not only at school but at home. The benefits of a school garden are many.

Photo courtesy Assistance League of Bellingham

As Spring is upon us, there is much activity in the gardens. Soil preparation and scheduled seed planting will keep our volunteers and students busy. Funds from Assistance League will allow Common Threads Farm to erect several storage sheds. To identify the garden space and promote security, we will contribute signs for each of the gardens. And when the harvest is gathered, we will contribute funding for cooking classes for the students.

Volunteering is the foundation of Assistance League and participating in volunteering in the school gardens gives one a sense of belonging and a sense of community.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at https://www.assistanceleague.org/bellingham/volunteer/

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