Submitted by Village Books and Paper Dreams

Village Books and Paper Dreams in Fairhaven is inviting submissions of writing, artwork, poetry, memories, and photographs from the community in remembrance of the Terminal Building, Bellingham’s oldest commercial structure, which was lost to fire on December 16, 2023.

Until the Terminal Building burned down on December 16th of last year, it was the oldest surviving commercial building in Fairhaven. Following this tragedy, we’ve heard from so many community members and from the owners of the building their desire to share their feelings, impressions, stories, memories, anecdotes, and histories of the building. We want to be able to capture those and more.  

With the blessings of Terminal Building owners Kirke and Jim Hestad, Village Books invites anyone who would like to share their words, images, or artwork to add them to the collection. We’ll gather them all together and arrange to share them with one another–perhaps some in a public reading so we can share them together, perhaps in a publication to commemorate the special place it held, and holds, in our community.   The Terminal Building was more than a building. It was an integral part of our community, bringing us together in so many ways with so many memories. Let us now come together again to mourn its loss and celebrate it.  

Please send your submissions to terminalbuilding@villagebooks.com or mail them to Village Books and Paper Dreams to the owners’ attention. Or bring them in-person. We’re always glad to see you.

For more information, email terminalbuilding@villagebooks.com.

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