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Bellingham very’s own Funky’s Hot Sauce Factory has made it to the hit YouTube show “Hot Ones” season 23. The first episode dropped on January 25th, with many more to follow.

Since winning the “Screaming MiMi 2022 Grand World Champion” title at the
NYC Hot Sauce Expo, Funky’s has picked up nine other awards for six of its
sauces, including three for its number-one-selling “Stellar Fuzz” — the sauce that will appear on “Hot Ones” in the #3 slot (medium-hot range; 1 being the mildest and 10 being off-the-charts hot).

The sauce currently in the 10 slot is called “eXperience” and is made with the latest hottest pepper in the world; “Pepper X”.

Funky’s “Stellar Fuzz” is also currently in the Good Foods foundation’s finalist

Funky’s currently offers 16 unique hot sauces — loaded with flavor and just the right amount of heat — all of which are Non-GMO and mostly organic. Many of the sauces are also vegan and gluten free.

Funky’s (owned by Matthew Mini) is a small, family-run business, which has grown over the last 18 months. Funky’s now has its own kitchen with a retail
space in Bellingham’s Haskell business park and also took over local favorite “Trilby’s BBQ sauce and seasonings” in 2023; the brand is set to relaunch with a fresh, new look.

Funky’s is a huge supporter of other local businesses and has enjoyed great
success growing a network of Pacific Northwest contributors to its sauces.
Among this list of suppliers are Southern Exposure Family Farm and Boldly
Grown Farm of Skagit County, Broomstick Farm and Daydream Farm of
Whatcom County, and Apple State Vinegar and Hammerhead coffee of
Bellingham, Washington. Bellingham-based graphic designer Tony Walters of Fat Lizard Designs creates all of Funky’s distinctive label art and AMS printing in Blaine prints all the labels.

You can find Funky’s products in its online store, as well as at several locations
in Washington state, including most of the co-op stores, all Haggen locations, all PCC market locations, Elizabeth Station, DD Meats, Del Fox Meats, Craft
Stove ,and the Made In Washington stores.

Funky’s is both self distributed-and distributed through The Puget Sound Food Hub to wholesalers.

Whether you’re a hot sauce fanatic or someone who’s just begun to explore the
hot sauce universe, Funky’s Hot Sauce Factory has a sauce for you!

Check out Funky’s Hot Sauce Factory on Facebook, Instagram, and visit their
website at www.FunkysHotSauceFactory.com for more info on everything
Funky’s, Trilby’s, and where to buy.

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