New Ways To Live the Sweet Life With CBD Products


The last year has been somewhat chaotic. But savvy businesses looked for ways to adapt, grow and pivot. With brick-and-mortar storefronts at times subject to statewide Coronavirus restrictions, many companies looked to the online marketplace. Western Washington’s Sweet Life was able to bring their CBD products to customers with a little creativity and a lot of initiative.

“We have grown across multiple platforms this year,” says CEO Jon Sutherland. “One area is our e-commerce site. This has been growing month by month and is an area we are working hard to continue growth in. Through shipping nationwide, we offer the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to access to high quality CBD products.”

Sweet Life CBD is growing with new products sold in new locations across the Pacific Northwest. Photo courtesy Sweet Life CBD

For the local market, they are working with northwest convenience, pet, feed and other local stores. They market their Sweet Fuel CBD Energy capsules and Sweet Paws pet formula through such locations as Black Lake Farm and Feed, End of The Trail (Exit 88), Spuds Produce Market, and most recently both Farm Fresh Market locations. “We are excited for the community of Olympia to get to know us better through these great locations,” says Sutherland.

They have also worked with chiropractic offices and orthopedic medicine offices. “We are especially excited to start helping people in these areas as they are often the people who are desperately seeking inflammation and pain relief,” says COO Andre Pilon, who oversees product development. “With the help of their chiropractor, they can implement a CBD regimen that is effective and life changing. We have already heard some incredible stories from patients about how our CBD, CBG and CBN products have changed their lives.”

Sweet Life staffers recently attended Dune Fest in Winchester Bay, Oregon, with samples and information. Photo courtesy Sweet Life CBD

But even with product available in stores throughout the region, Pilon and Sutherland admit that “One of our main hurdles to overcome is the education surrounding CBD products. Because it’s such a new movement, CBD can seem mysterious and sometimes people are very skeptical about it. Providing the product and the education is so important to dispelling myths surrounding CBD.”

One such myth is extremely common. “For example,” says Pilon, “many workers who come to us are afraid to try our products because they fear it will cause them to fail a drug test. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure there is no THC (the psychoactive component that shows up on UA tests). Not every CBD brand does this testing, so we understand that there can be a lot of worry around this for people who are new to the CBD market.”

Follow their adventures and read about product launches on Facebook or their website. Photo courtesy Sweet Life CBD

This includes retailers. “We ultimately want to have a direct impact on the education of our retailers which not only increases their success but expands the opportunity for anyone to find relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia and so much more,” says Sutherland.

All this growth means the company has added new staff and is looking for a location to expand their production facility. They hope to grow and have a goal of being in 3,500 retailers nationwide by the end of 2022.

Whatever your CBD needs, Sweet Life offers products which are custom formulated in their Tenino production facility. Photo courtesy Sweet Life CBD

And surprisingly, they’ve had “multiple requests for high dosage CBD products from the equestrian, cattle farming community and other livestock/farm animals,” says Pilon. “We are beginning to do some R&D to look into developing these types of products. These requests really showcase how CBD usage can be relevant and useful across a diverse array of communities.”

New to the market are their Sweet Recovery and Sweet Relief products. “These are two products that have much higher levels of CBD, CBG and CBN in them than our regular capsules do,” explains Pilon. “Through these capsules we are targeting those who have been much harder on their bodies than the average person. From pro athletes to people who work extremely physical jobs we understand they need not only pain relief but other supports that help with bone, immune and heart health, arthritis pain relief and circulatory and cellular support. We are especially looking forward to hearing people’s experiences with these because there truly is nothing like this out on the market yet.” If you have questions or feedback about Sweet Life products, contact them through their website or Facebook page. Facebook is also where you can find their next appearance at a local event or festival for samples or to purchase in person. Their team travels up and down the west coast to spread the word. Join them and soon you too could be living the Sweet Life, no matter what the world throws at us next.


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