Submitted by: Sara Holodnick

Bellingham-based writer and multimedia artist, Sara Holodnick, will debut her Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck on October 17 through the crowd-sourcing platform, Kickstarter. The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck is the first of its kind. Unlike standard illustrated tarot or oracle cards, the deck features a minimalist design with one word per card, all selected from original poetry written by Holodnick.

The poetry is poignant and powerful. Photo courtesy: Sara Holodnick.

“As a writer, I’m a word person. I’ve always found great meaning and inspiration in words,” said Holodnick. “They paint a picture in my head instead of seeing one someone else has painted for me. I wanted to try my hand at making a deck that took advantage of all the beauty and meaning a single word can provide in the context of a reading.”

The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck features 77 cards with an accompanying 128-page guidebook. Within the guidebook, readers will discover 33 original poems with bolded words to denote the oracle cards in the context of their written whole. The guidebook also provides best practices and a journal for reading reflection.

Designed for those who love words and are inspired by their meaning, the deck is for people seeking opportunities for self-care, healing, divination, creative inspiration and reflection.

Pre-orders of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck will be available for $50 through Kickstarter beginning on October 17, with a limited number of early bird orders available for $45. Decks are slated to ship in February 2018.

The cards are simple yet artistic. Photo courtesy: Sara Holodnick.

The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck features several local collaborations, including printing of the deck and guidebook through LithtexNW and an original Golden Gate constellation painting by Skagit artist Christina Miglino on the back of the cards. Original music and video production for the Kickstarter project were also provided by Bellingham-based singer-songwriter Sarah Goodin and Campfire Photography.

Holodnick debuted the project—including the poems, cards and a series of handmade altars—at a gallery opening at Honey Salon (310 W Holly, Bellingham) during Downtown Bellingham Partnership’s first Friday October Art Walk. The collection will be on display through the end of November.

Sara Holodnick (aka Sara Galactica) is a Bellingham writer and artist best known for her work as co-founder of Good Time Girls Tours. Holodnick utilizes inventive and unexpected mediums such as original cocktails, walking tours and divination decks to tell and examine stories.

For more information, visit www.sweetnothingoracle.com or www.saragalactica.com.

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