Bellingham Whole Foods Market provides the highest quality natural and organic products, coupled with unbeatable customer service. In addition to offering more than 6,000 organic products and loads of locally-sourced goods, Whole Foods Market makes a wide variety of high-quality products in-store for you to enjoy. And you can learn more about their delicious locally made goods from the folks who make them right in the heart of Bellingham.

Becky Gutierrez loves working for Whole Foods Market because it supports her organic and natural lifestyle. Photo courtesy: Whole Foods Market.

High Quality Standards

Many of us are concerned with knowing what goes into the products we buy. Whole Foods Market’s rigorous quality standards make that easier. If a product doesn’t meet their standards, they don’t sell it. Whole Foods Market always:

  • Carefully evaluates each and every product sold.
  • Features foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. Nothing in the entire store has any of these ingredients in them!
  • Is passionate about great tasting food and the pleasure of sharing it with others.
  • Is committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat.
  • Seeks out and promotes organically grown foods.
  • Provides food and nutritional products that support health and well-being.

In addition to high quality standards throughout the store, Whole Foods has additional department-specific standards. For example, in the Whole Foods seafood department you’ll never find:

  • Antibiotics, growth hormones or poultry and mammalian products in feed
  • Genetically modified or cloned seafood
  • Added preservatives

Additionally, all farmed fish have a minimal environmental impact, are traceable from farm to store and have undergone rigorous audits from third-party testers.

Bellingham Whole Foods Market has the best cheeses around. You can even sample to be sure you love what you buy! Photo courtesy: Whole Foods Market.

Tempting Cheese Platters Made In-House in the Specialty Department

When you walk into Whole Foods Market’s cheese department you’ll find hundreds of the best cheeses from around the globe and from our own backyard. And with free samples, you know you’ll love whatever you take home.

Cheesemonger Lizzie loves working at Whole Foods Market because she gets to spend her day surrounded by some of her favorite things. “I love working for Whole Foods because I am constantly surrounded by things I love: Cheese, coffee, wine, beer, spirits and chocolate!”

Lizzie pulls together delicious cheese trays sure to wow any guest. “I love making cheese trays because they are infinitely customizable,” she shared. “Creativity and knowledge are a cheesemonger’s best friends. I always aim to build platters that are visually appealing, exciting and deliciously satisfying. Whether you are looking for a cheese tray to serve as an appetizer, meal or dessert, there is a cheese tray for you.”

Whole Foods Market is a great source for healthy, nutritious food. Photo courtesy: Whole Foods Market.

Fresh Guacamole Made Fresh in the Produce Department

Organic produce is a mainstay at Whole Foods Market, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables grown without the use of long-lasting chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In the produce department, Conner is responsible for making crowd-pleasing guacamole.

“It is a plethora of flavors and textures accompanied by a pleasant zing sensation,” he shared. Grab a bag of organic tortilla chips and you’ll be ready for your next backyard barbeque in no time.”

Fabulous Fried Chicken Made Fresh Daily in the Prepared Foods Department

The prepared foods department at Whole Foods Market has a wide variety of delicious meals that will suit your needs whether you’re in a hurry or have time to dine-in. Davidson makes the perfectly crispy fried chicken.

“We take the time to do it right,” he shared. “Nothing frozen. Things are prepared in house. We brine, bread and fry it ourselves. Fried chicken is the savory treat that makes every moment better, no matter how good or bad.”

Whole Foods Market Bellingham
Pizza, baked goods and other items are available to take with you or enjoy in the store. ©WhatcomTalk.

Get Your Chocolate Fix with Frosted Brownies from the Bakery

From coffee-time treats and birthday cakes to hearty, savory loaves, Whole Foods Market has the goods to make your day better. The delicious Frosted Brownies Cinthia makes will definitely make your day more delicious.

“Our brownies are fudgy and chocolatey,” Cinthia shared. “Plus fresh ganache on top makes it the best brownie in town! Trust me when I say that our brownies are a testament to our commitment to great food. We don’t cut anything short when making our delicious brownies!”

Great for the Grill: Savory Kabobs from the Meat Department

Beyond labels such as free range, pasture raised, local or heritage, Whole Foods Market’s animal-welfare standards apply to everything in their meat department, so you can shop with confidence.

Carey from the meat department makes their delicious kabobs. “I love to grill,” Carey shared. “The kabobs make grilling easy and tasty!”

Stop by Bellingham’s Whole Foods Market at 1030 Lakeway Drive in Bellingham and sample all the great foods they make in-store. Plus you can ask a team member for a chance to sample any product before you buy. Or ask for recipe ideas, tips and tricks.


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