Submitted by: Kane C. Hall

Robert Hall’s new book, “This Old Building,” is an essential guide for first-time restorers and a must-read for anyone who cares about preserving the historic character of our cities. For three decades, Robert Hall has been on a mission to rescue old buildings and take them back to their original glory, first through restoration, and then by managing them in such a way as to enhance the community, as intended when newly built.

In this book, he shares entertaining stories and valuable trade secrets from first-hand experience. Hall demonstrates how to restore the integrity of the architecture while making these old timers fit to thrive another hundred years and earn a healthy profit for the owner. With practical guidelines, do-it-yourself tips, and before and after photographs, this book has everything needed to make an old building restoration a success.

“…This Old Building illustrates how deeply these structures are woven into the economic, cultural and social fabric of historic downtowns and Main Streets. Hall’s work is an inspiration … his book provides a blueprint for historic property redevelopment—a perfect primer for anyone afflicted with the historic building bug!”

—Chris Moore, Executive Director, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

Also announcing the release of a new documentary film about Robert Hall’s journey: “Oldies but Goodies,” produced by Lanny Little.

Robert K. Hall is a pioneer in the restoration and preservation of historic commercial properties. Hall’s company, Daylight Properties, owns and manages over 30 heritage buildings in the state of Washington. Hall is recognized as the force behind the urban renaissance in Bellingham, where he revitalized the historic downtown. Hall’s restorations, including award-winning façade renovations, are listed on the Washington Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places. Hall and his management team share a vision to preserve and showcase historic buildings by establishing healthy, sustainable businesses, and well-managed residential housing.

This Old Building—A Guide to Buying, Restoring, Financing and Managing Historic Commercial Property
$24.95 (paperback)
Available online at CreateSpace.
Available online at Amazon. 

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