Creating the conversation about making healthy food choices and lifestyles is one of the main goals of “The Real Food Show” created and executed by the Community Food Co-op for elementary school students.

Featuring the characters Frank and Beans, the show is donated ten times annually to Whatcom County elementary schools. The program also travels to nearby cities and other local community co-ops and organizations. The purpose is to spread the message of the importance of making healthy food choices.

community food co-op
“The Real Food Show” is produced and donated ten times per school year to Whatcom County elementary schools by Community Food Co-op. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

Kids learn what they need to know to make good decisions when it comes to healthy food and lifestyle choices. Everyone leaves with a placemat that illustrates what food groups should go on his or her plate to have a healthy meal. This placemat serves as a great conversation starter at home where kids can further discuss with their families what they learned about making healthy food choices.

Along with the objective of teaching local community kids about making healthy food choices, “The Real Food Show” provides another opportunity for the Community Food Co-op to become a part of the conversation concerning healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Frank and Beans, performers from the Bellingham Circus Guild, bring inspiration through an array of comedy, magic, juggling, and other circus skills all meant to provide entertainment while educating and increasing food knowledge as a part of “The Real Food Show.”

community food co-op
Characters Frank and Beans inspire and teach kids to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Photo courtesy: Community Food Co-op.

A few key topics covered in the program are label reading, teaching kids to know what is in the food they are eating, and ideas for healthy and delicious snack substitutions for sugary foods. The kids engage in the show by sharing with the performers their own interests and likes when it comes to the foods they choose to eat.

By continuing to create conversations through such programs as “The Real Food Show,” the Community Food Co-op furthers its efforts to educate people of all ages about healthy lifestyle and food choices.


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