Mount Baker Theatre Resident Ghost Judy is Blushing in Anticipation of The Irish Rovers and We Banjo 3

The Irish Rovers
The Irish Rovers will celebrate 50 years of playing together. Photo courtesy: Mount Baker Theatre.

I wouldn’t really say that I “haunt” the theatre. I’m more of a friendly spirit. Everyone calls me Judy. I’ve been floating through this historic palace ever since it opened. I try to help tidy up and enjoy people watching the theatre’s interesting visitors. The truth is, I don’t ever want to leave. Why would I when I get to see so many incredible shows and performers from all over the world?

Although I try to stay out of the way, I haven’t been able to completely avoid the notice of several MBT ushers and projectionists. Some say they feel gusts of cold air or see balls of light when I pass. I occasionally rustle a skirt when I’m in a hurry, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been heard calling out the names of a stage hand or projectionist when I’ve developed a crush.

We Banjo 3
Energetic Irish performers We Banjo 3 will make you swoon. Photo credit: Yvonne Vaughan Photography.

Speaking of crushes, my heart is starting to beat fast when I think about the return of The Irish Rovers with We Banjo 3 this February 26. Have you seen them perform? I can’t help but fly in circles through the mezzanine when the Celtic super group The Irish Rovers play their cheerful tunes. I can hardly believe they are a celebrating more than 50 years of playing together.

I’m also so excited that they’ll be joined by We Banjo 3, a crew of talented — and handsome — young Irishmen who’ll play traditional Irish, folk, Irish American, and Celtic tunes from their award-winning albums. It’s like they are all connected telepathically when they play their energetic and sincere songs. If only I could stomp my own boots during the show. Perhaps I’ll push cups off the shelf in concessions or jingle the crystal chandelier instead.

I’m blushing at the thought of being transported by their music to the beautiful Irish countryside. I truly cannot wait for them to arrive.

For more information about this performance and other upcoming MBT shows, visit MBT online, and get a sneak peek at the performance by watching the video here.



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