New Local Business Two Terriers Provides Artisan Dog Products

Two Terriers can be found at Bellingham markets like the new Whole Foods. Photo courtesy: Two Terriers.

Submitted by Two Terriers

Dog owners can now purchase locally made artisan dog products by Two Terriers at local retailers, including the Bellingham Whole Foods Market.

Two Terriers is a Bellingham-based business that provides locally made artisan dog products, including 100 percent pure beef nutritional supplements, pumpkin peanut butter biscuits and Castile soap shampoo products.

Their 100 percent pure beef is made with Pacific Northwest grown and humanely raised cattle from Yakima. Dog owners can choose from canned heart, liver or kidney. The Two Terriers family hand trims, packs and cans each beef product in glass jars.

Katya Szirom, spokesperson for Two Terriers, said each meat is a super-packed source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy dog. While she advises dog owners to check with their trusted veterinarian about their dog’s nutritional needs, she encourages dog owners to try each of the 100 percent pure beef products, as each meat provides its own set of nutrients.

Two Terriers also crafts organic Castile soap shampoos and pumpkin peanut butter biscuits. Consumers can now find their products at the Bellingham Whole Foods Market, Fairhaven Haggen, Hohl Feed and Seed, local Whatcom Farmers Co-ops and The Green Barn in Lynden.

Two Terriers is a family with four dogs. They want their dogs to live a long healthy life and wish the same for dog-loving consumers, Szirom said. The Two Terriers founder started the company in an effort to provide dog owners with products that use natural and minimal ingredients. All ingredients used in Two Terriers products are made for human consumption. They also focus on sustainable packaging and manufacturing. Making products locally, without the need to transport goods via air or sea, leads to a smaller carbon footprint. They encourage consumers to recycle or reuse their glass jar packaging.

Meet Two Terriers at the upcoming Mt. Baker Kennel Dog Show from May 20 – 23 in Lynden. Entry is free, and doors open at 8 a.m.

For more information on Two Terriers products, or to check for demo dates at local retailers, visit


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