Submitted by: Make.Shift Gallery

Did you know that every year in Whatcom County, 50,000 lbs of litter gets picked up from our sidewalks and roads? That’s a whole lot of trash! Even in a place famous for its tree-huggery, we’re still responsible for a good chunk of the 1.4 billion pounds of litter that ends up in the ocean every year. Just think of all the art you could make with that much garbage!

In an effort to combat this wasteful problem, Make.Shift wants you to bring your trash to the Commercial Street Night Market in Downtown Bellingham. Or better yet, help clean up on your way to the festivities by collecting litter on the streets. Throughout the summer, we’ll be setting up shop in the Night Market’s Interactive Land with a big ol’ color wheel that you can bring to life by gluing your trash to it. No artistic talent needed to participate! And we’ll provide the glue, too!

What’s a color wheel, you ask? It’s a helpful tool many artists use to understand the relationship between different colors. In order to encourage our community to learn more about making art and being creative, Make.Shift will have information about color wheels and color theory available for anyone who participates in the project.

Guess what? Best of all, you could own the finished product for only a dollar! Throughout the summer, we will be selling raffle tickets for some lucky patron of arts to take this beauty home after we display it in the gallery for the month of October.

And if that wasn’t enough, come visit us in August when Make.Shift Gallery will be hosting the Commercial Street Night Market Photo Booth. To keep this garbage festival going, our photo booth theme will be “Trash Panda Party.” That’s right, we’ll have costumes and trash for you to rummage through and do your best raccoon impression for a killer summer selfie!

The first Commercial Street Night Market will take place on Friday May 18 from 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. We hope that you’ll help clean up the streets and create something beautiful by taking part in That’s SO Trashy! Let’s change the world together.

For more information about Make.Shift Gallery visit or email the Gallery Director, Jessyca Murphy, at To learn more about the Commercial Street Night Market, check out Or “like” it on Facebook at

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