Walking into Primer Coffee is a captivating experience. This coffee shop is sharp, bright and minimalistic, the type of environment that makes one feel like they can think clearly. “It’s a merging of Scandinavian design and an Apple store, just pull out the computers and put in coffee,” says Primer co-owner Edwin Martinez.

Primer is designed to showcase what they’re passionate about, their coffee. Photo credit: Nick Graves (@nicholasgraves).

This simplistic design of Primer, from the furniture to the mugs, strips away anything unneeded, eliminates clutter and truly showcases what Primer is passionate about, their coffee. Martinez feels this design puts their coffee on a pedestal.

When Martinez and fellow co-owners Charles Hansen and Patrick McEvoy came together to develop this dream, they knew they wanted Primer to be a place that was both assessable and amazing. They wanted a place people could come to be delighted and discover more about coffee.

The Primer team loves to teach about their coffee, and coffee in general, because they value learning themselves. Members of their team have taken trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles to learn and develop a vision of what Primer can be.

“We’re very passionate about the quality. We aren’t aiming to make the best coffee in Bellingham, we aim to be the best, period,” says Martinez. “Our goal is to find the greatest products possible and just showcase them well.”

Saturdays are busy at Primer. Photo credit: Nick Graves, @nicholasgraves.

Primer takes advantage of being located in Whatcom County by partnering with other local businesses they feel offer the quality ingredients they need for what they create. One of these partnerships is with Twin Brook Creamery located in Lynden. “There are very few dairies in the country that produce the quality of milk that we’re getting from them. We’re spoiled because with being located here there are great options. It’s a luxury,” says Martinez. “I mean, our back room is basically a shrine for the milk.” Primer also partners with other local businesses such as Grace Harbor Farms, Chuckanut Crunch, Carne and Pure Bliss.

The beginning of Primer has been an exciting journey. While they haven’t had to face any big obstacles yet, the team has worked very well together to get through the many small ones that have come up along the way.

Martinez mentions that what they have accomplished thus far would not have been possible without Primer’s awesome staff that all aim to delight their customers. He feels they have an all-star team that is very well balanced. After seeing what has been developed thus far and what is being offered to their customers, it’s easy to see Primer has attracted talented people all around.

The coffee bar is where the magic happens at Primer. Photo credit: Nick Graves, @nicholasgraves.

“Coming to Primer is not just trying another coffee place, it’s a place to have an entirely new experience that transcends expectations, regardless of preferences consumers have,” Martinez says. “We’re simply doing the very best we know how using the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on.”

Primer hopes that customers learn something new every single day and come to further appreciate excellence in coffee. They’re off to a good start.

Primer is celebrating their grand opening throughout March. All this month, they’ll be hosting various exciting events including a home brewing class, multiple cupping events and a Primer Party on the 31st where they’ll be showcasing what they offer and giving away prizes. So grab a friend and stop by for a truly unique experience while getting some amazing coffee.

To find out more about Primer Coffee’s location, hours or grand opening events go to their website at primercoffee.com.

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