Greg and Jeannett have set a tone of teamwork, compassion and support at Capstone Physical Therapy. Photo courtesy: Capstone Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy treatment with Capstone Physical Therapy is something special. Greg Penner and his wife, Jeannett, have taken a passion for patients and created a movement of care that has grown to five locations in Whatcom County.

Leveraging Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen with Jeannett’s expertise in physical therapy across a number of settings, Capstone Physical Therapy has become Whatcom County’s largest private physical therapy practice.

In May of 2016, Greg and Jeannett Penner started Kornerstone Kids, a non-profit therapy center designed to meet the needs of children with special health care needs. In the first three quarters of 2017 the Kornerstone therapy team provided 6,939 appointments for children with special health care needs. The current waitlist has over 200 children waiting for services and it continues to grow.

Capstone Physical Therapy and Kornerstone Kids represent a team commitment to treat everyone with the best quality of care and compassion in even the most challenging of circumstances. As a result, Capstone is now one of the most well-known names in the county for physical therapy and community connection.

Capstone Physical Therapy has locations in Bellingham, Lynden Ferndale and Blaine. For details and Capstone Physical Therapy contact information click here.

Physical Therapy

Capstone Physical Therapy Creates Personal Connections Through Quality Care

Whether it is the warm colors and fireplace at one location or the large commercial surroundings of the 7,000 square foot specialty clinic which...
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