Introduction to Mushroom Identification

10/06/2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Bellingham Cruise Terminal
355 Harris Ave.
$96 for members, $120 for non-members
WWU Outreach and Continuing Education
Introduction to Mushroom Identification @ Bellingham Cruise Terminal

Watch the Preview Video for Introduction to Mushroom Identification

This class is for anyone interested in learning more about local mushrooms. Characteristics of the best edible species and the worst poisonous species are covered.

Students collect and identify different kinds during the week between classes, bringing specimens to class. Classes combine 30-minute talks by the instructor with hands-on practice in identifying the mushrooms that students and the instructor have collected. An optional field trip as a separate class is also offered.

We will cover the following:

• Characteristics and classification of general groups of mushrooms.
• Biological and ecological characteristics of mushroom-producing fungi.
• Characteristics of common species, focusing on gilled and fleshy-pored mushrooms.
• The best resources to use in identifying local species.
• The best common, edible species of local, wild mushrooms.
• The worst poisonous groups of local, wild mushrooms and the types of poisons they contain.

Students are encouraged to work independently on skills by:

• collecting at least five different species a week.
• keeping a record of observations about these species.
• attempting to identify each species.

Instructor: Fred M. Rhoades

Fred M. Rhoades is a mycologist/lichenologist, retired Instructor and current research associate in the Biology Department at Western Washington University. A Bellingham resident, he pursues his interests in cryptogamic botany (lower spore-producing, plant-like organismic) and natural-history photography.

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