Ballroom/Latin/Swing Dance Lessons

10/28/2020 all-day
Love to Move Studioz
1417 Cornwall Ave #202
Charles Crooks
Ballroom/Latin/Swing Dance Lessons @ Love to Move Studioz

Beginning this October! Dance the rest of 2020 away.

For the first time in 5 years, Arthur Murray trained and certified dance instructor Charles Crooks is offering private ballroom/Latin/swing dance lessons at the beautiful Love to Move Studioz. (downtown Bellingham)

Crooks is extremely excited to share the numerous benefits that ballroom dance provides.  It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a new hobby or wanting a different way to exercise and express yourself, dance will spark positive change in your life. Crooks creates a comfortable and easy to learn environment, making lessons ideal for beginners with zero dance experience.

At this time, lessons are only for 1-2 people max.  $75 per 50 minute lesson. for questions and scheduling.

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