8-Week Performance Cycling Training Camp

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02/25/2019 – 04/20/2019 all-day
Bellingham Training & Tennis Club
800 McKenzie Ave.
Bellingham Training & Tennis Club

Winter weather can make it hard to train and keep you stuck on the couch, leaving you feeling weaker than last year. Whatever your sport, our 8-week Cycle Moles Performance Cycling training is the plan that will help you hit the summer trails hard. After 8 weeks, you will: go faster and harder; longer with less effort; increase comfort and efficiency; & be ready for longer rides! Call the Club to register today – just 2 spots remain for Cycle Moles 1, and 8 for Cycle Moles 2.

Call today to reserve your spot, (360) 733-5050.

Level 1: Mon/Weds 7-8 a.m. Build strength and power!
Level 2: Tues/Thurs 6:45 – 8:15 p.m. Level up with guaranteed strength & stamina gains!

And in the meantime, check out our FREE webinar to unlock the 4 Keys to Becoming a STRONGER & MORE CONFIDENT Cyclist, to help you feel ready to ride anywhere. https://bellinghamtrainingtennis.mykajabi.com/opt-in-03688484-cdda-4af3-bff4-e74004d761f0

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