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Local Businesses Rave About WhatcomTalk’s Marketing Platform


“WhatcomTalk provides a community platform that helps us get personal with our audience. It provides a more in-depth way for us to convey our diverse products, services and experience.”

– Caprice Teske, Bellingham Farmers Market


“WhatcomTalk ran a story for us in response to our grand opening press release that brought in more web referrals than any other local or regional press. It came in second to Google for most web referrals – and we spend good money to make Google work. Beyond that, the story WhatcomTalk ran accurately depicted the work we’d done and the story we wanted to share with the community. Thanks, WhatcomTalk!”

– Dylan Green, Heliotrope Hotel


“Stacee and the WhatcomTalk team is a pleasure to work with. From the personalized service to the professional advertising product they provide, it has been a very positive experience. I appreciated that I could just state my goals and Stacee and her team could find the right solution.”

– Jim Sutterfield, Signs Plus Inc.


I have been working with WhatcomTalk for nearly two years and it has been a valuable venue for the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce to spread the word about the chamber and tell our stories. Their staff of writers conduct interviews and write our articles which is so helpful.  WhatcomTalk also provide us with reports that show the results of our posts and help us to target our articles and blog posts on subjects that will reach the most readers.  WhatcomTalk makes my job a lot easier and I am so grateful for their partnership.

WhatcomTalk is community-focused and their daily posts keep me informed about people, events and businesses in the region.  I learn something new every day that I read WhatcomTalk. That information helps me be a better resource for the community which in turn makes me a better source of information for the Bellingham/Whatcom chamber of Commerce.

– Shelli Jones, Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce


WhatcomTalk makes sharing local good news so easy! We get timely reminders, ideas for stories, and always have positive interactions with their team. All the writers seem to find just the right perspective to tell our stories. Kevin’s vast enthusiasm for this community and the professionalism of all the staff has made advertising with WhatcomTalk a priority for us.

 – Chris Caldwell Simpson, The Chrysalis Inn & Spa


“WhatcomTalk is like having your own in-house advertising department. We have a small business in Bellingham and have struggled over the years to find an appropriate platform that allows us to reach as many of our customers as possible. For us, advertising is more about reminding our current customers that we’re here and showcasing what we have available throughout our ever-changing growing season.

WhatcomTalk allows us to do this by helping us tell stories about our farm that are relevant to what we have available for sale…as well as what’s coming up.

We appreciate this flexibility, as well as the in-depth detail we were allowed to go into…without worrying about the price per word or staying under a word count.

The writing staff does a fabulous job of capturing the essence of what we’re about in every article. So much of our society is based on social media and online profiles, and WhatcomTalk has provided access to this platform with an incredibly talented staff that worked with us as much as for us.

We view WhatcomTalk as an excellent platform for advertising. It gives us an online presence, apart from our Facebook and Instagram pages, while still allowing us to share our articles within our existing online presence.

We’re thrilled with our results over the past 10 months and appreciate all of the hardworking staff at WhatcomTalk for making our experience so gratifying, especially Kevin Coleman, who is always available to answer questions and make us smile!”

– Peggy Weston, Joe’s Gardens


We could not be more pleased by our investment to work with WhatcomTalk. Their philosophy of promoting the positive that is happening sends such a wonderful message and really opens all of our eyes to the amazing goings-on in Whatcom County that most of us would otherwise not know. Marriott is huge in giving back to the community, whether it’s investing in our employees, celebrating local art or raising funds for local schools who need our assistance, and WhatcomTalk has been truly wonderful not only to work with but to get our message out. Local companies would be hard pressed to find a better means of promotion. Plus, Kevin has been a true delight with whom to work the last two years, as have all of the writers and the entire WhatcomTalk team!

– Keith Coleman, SpringHill Suites & TownePlace Suites by Marriott Bellingham


It’s easy to be a partner in business with WhatcomTalk! We have loved how supportive the whole team is of our business. They truly want to see us succeed and share enthusiastically in our joys! The writers make our store – and our story – come to life.

– Jen Zimmerman, Launching Success


WhatcomTalk has been vital in reaching out to our community to help our business grow. Their staff is so supportive and full of such enthusiasm. You can’t help but feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

– Shannon Fuller, Still Life Massage and Float


WhatcomTalk has been an incredible community partner and helped us further our mission by reaching a broader audience. We love WhatcomTalk!

– Diana Meeks, Sustainable Connections


“From day one, the entire WhatcomTalk team has been phenomenal to work with. From the initial point of contact, where Kevin and Stacee sat down with me and explained how they share positive local stories, I was hooked. The people who work at WhatcomTalk walk the walk and talk the talk; they not only share good news, but create good news themselves. From customizing advertising to best fit the needs of my business, to helping me make connections to other professionals and businesses, I know that I can always call, email or text Kevin and get a prompt, helpful, positive response. WhatcomTalk is such an asset to the Bellingham community. Every time I sit down for a community partner meeting, I ask if they’ve met Kevin, and if their answer is no, I explain that they need to. Building a relationship with Kevin and WhatcomTalk is an investment in your business and builds credibility within our hyperlocal community – not to mention, if you’re new to this community, the team at WhatcomTalk will make you feel very welcome!”

– Olivia Yates O’Donnell, Whole Foods


It is so wonderful to have a local media source that regularly highlights the work of nonprofit programs like Meals on Wheels and More and helps promote our events. I can’t tell you how many times in the past year I’ve heard people say, “I read about your event on WhatcomTalk.” Thank you, Kevin and everyone at WhatcomTalk, for not only helping to publicize Meals on Wheels and More events, but also for regularly sharing information and stories about the work of local nonprofits – including ours and the people and/or animals we serve.

– Julie Meyers, Meals on Wheels and More/Whatcom Council on Aging


WhatcomTalk has become an exceptional partner with the Ferndale Chamber by supporting our community events, celebrating our members, and allowing us a way to get our message out to the community in a positive way.

I have worked with Kevin and Stacee for over two years now and its always a positive interaction. They work with honesty, integrity and a level of professionalism that we should all strive to achieve, and they do it because it’s their business culture.

As a member of the Chamber and a supporter of the best that Whatcom County has to offer, they bring a spotlight to our corner of the world that reflects who we really are: great people and businesses doing great things to make our communities the best we can every day.

 – Ann Serwold, Ferndale Chamber of Commerce


A wise woman once told me, “If you want to change the world, tell a better story.” That’s WhatcomTalk’s mission, and they help their clients do it well.

The Center for Mindful Use is looking to change the tired, old story that’s been told about cannabis. I’ve truly enjoyed working with their talented and consistently upbeat team of writers and editors and managers who have listened to our hopes and concerns and helped us craft a consistent message that is doing just that.

– Mike Hiestand, Center for Mindful Use


WhatcomTalk has taken the time to get to know our organization and help us share our news with the local community. Their approach to marketing is focused while adaptive and creative. And because they work where they live, the WhatcomTalk staff is accessible and positive to work with.

– Julie Guay, Blue Skies for Children


By representing the bright voices and experiences of the many incredible people in Whatcom County, WhatcomTalk gives community members a glimpse into worlds they might not otherwise explore. The team is playful, honest and furnishes a positive platform for anyone willing to share, providing an earnest and heartfelt representation of our community. northwater and The Holiday Inn & Suites thank WhatcomTalk for their involvement, care, and for investing in the people and businesses that make up the essence of our community. Keep up the tenacity and heart! This ripple of positivity won’t end.

– Juli Wavada, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites


It’s hard to find a news platform today that keeps you connected to local stories you care about – without getting lost in negativity. WhatcomTalk fills this need in our community.

WhatcomTalk is the premier local platform to reach audiences that care about their community and want to hear about (and support) the amazing local businesses and nonprofits in Whatcom County.

We’ve published several articles through WhatcomTalk and have been impressed by the number of comments and shares our story got in a short amount of time.

Whatcom Talk gets how news and stories are shared today. They help you tell your story in a way that resonates with their followers.

– Josh Burdick, Veritas Media Productions


WhatcomTalk has been an incredible resource for our organization, allowing Lydia Place to communicate with our immediate and regional neighbors, and have a voice in an ever growing, ever saturated, and difficult to maneuver media environment.

With a focus on local stories, and local people, Kevin, Stacee and the whole team use their time and resources to capture the essence of our community’s fabric and highlight the good and inspirational. We often see the highly sensationalized and horrific news stories at the top of our feeds, but with WhatcomTalk the emphasis is on telling our story, telling it accurately, and giving little voices like ours the megaphone we need to make a difference.

Thanks, WhatcomTalk, for not only letting us talk, but for listening.

– Shultzie Willows, Lydia Place


WhatcomTalk was a major driving force in a key moment for the adoption of the Bellingham flag. They helped organize and volunteered at an event for the Boys and Girls Club of Bellingham where we educated kids about the meaning and the importance of the flag and graphic art in general. Around that time, they also ran an in-depth, personal article at a pivotal moment in the campaign. The author, Sara Holodnick, took the time to dig deeper into not just what was happening but why – and really helped illustrate the importance of our work. They also featured several follow-up articles as the flag grew in popularity and was eventually officially adopted. They were a huge help and I can’t thank them enough.

– Bradley James Lockhart, Bellingham Flag Campaign

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