Robin Robertson has a passion for healthy knees. Luckily for anyone dealing with difficult knees, she’s turned that passion into action by sharing her deep knowledge of the subject. Through in-person classes at Bellingham Training and Tennis Club (BTTC), community workshops, multiple books, and her Healthy Knees blog, Robin always seeks opportunities to help people overcome knee problems. Her next in-person workshop takes place Saturday, December 17th, from noon to 1 p.m. at BTTC and is completely free to the public. A new eight-week healthy knees clinic begins on January 2nd and will run for eight weeks.

Robin’s desire to share what she’s learned stems from her own struggles with knee pain.

“I was born with a pair of lemons for knees and had pain all of my life,” she says. “When I figured out ways to make life livable, even with a terrible pair of knees, I thought I should share that information with others.”

And share she has. With three published books and an active blog, Robin puts resources to help people’s knees right at their fingertips.

Robin and husband Doug Robertson own BTTC, where they offer personal training, group classes, and workshops. While learning from people is great, it’s even better when someone practices what they preach — and leads by example. Robin, thanks to her bad knees, does just that.

“I’ve had 12 knee surgeries altogether, but here’s the key: I had 12 knee surgeries and I’ve stayed active throughout my life even with those surgeries,” she says. How? By knowing the right approach to take going into the surgery and how to improve results post-surgery physical therapy.

“I’ve been able to stay very active within bounds,” says Robin. She doesn’t run anymore and there are some activities she’s had to give up along the way. “But I’ve found other things to take their place that support good health for my knees.”

Through all of her knee pain, battling arthritis, and eventual knee replacements, Robin has lived by the motto “motion is lotion and the rest is rust” and kept moving. From being a competitive runner at a young age to her favorite activity now, which is cycling, she’s embraced the change. She and her husband have even taken long bicycle trips crisscrossing the country. Not only does her bike keep her exploring the outdoors, but it’s also a key tool at the club for helping others have healthy knees.

Robin and Doug Robertson enter Missouri on one of their cross country cycling trips. Photo courtesy BTTC

From the moment someone enters a class, the team at BTTC focuses on a setup based on a person’s body to ensure proper form. It’s common that improper form leads to the knee pain to start with, so relief can often be realized quickly. Through a combination of strength training and beneficial movements, the programs are designed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Robin is excited to bring people together in her upcoming workshop and talk about healthy knees. She won’t give away her secrets during our interview, but in the free clinic, which takes place December 17th, from noon to 1 p.m. at BTTC, she’ll share three tips to saving knees that people will be able to put to use right away.

The big thing, she says, is to let people know they have options. “The biggest misconception is that there’s nothing you can do about it and that you shouldn’t use your knees if they hurt,” Robin says. There may be things going on that require medical attention, but there is also work that can be done before and after for overall improvement.

In addition to becoming a hub for healthy knees, BTTC offers fitness memberships, tennis memberships, and has a team of trained personal trainers to lead classes ranging from cardio tennis to TRX workouts. The club is a safe, fun place for a community of people looking to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether working out on your own or joining in on one of their many classes, BTTC is your one-stop shop for all your fitness needs.

BTTC is located at 800 McKenzie Avenue in Fairhaven. Feel free to stop in any time to learn more. You can also find out more on their website or by calling 360.733.5050.


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