Submitted by Bellingham Food Bank

On May 14, the National Letter Carriers Association is bringing back Stamp Out Hunger after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

What has traditionally been a day of food donation collection from residential mailboxes will pivot to fundraising. Nearly every Bellingham mailbox will receive an envelope that, if left for their mail carrier on May 14, will be delivered to Bellingham Food Bank without need for postage.

Bellingham Food Bank is like many other hunger relief agencies across the country that have started to purchase most of the food it provides. They rely not only on community donated food items and government food deliveries, but also operate like a grocery store as a wholesale purchaser. Monetary donations allow Bellingham Food Bank to purchase healthy, highly-desired foods in high quantities to stock its shelves and prepacked boxes so that everyone in need has access to the same great items.

Bellingham Food Bank’s Executive Director Mike Cohen is hopeful that the easy invitation to donate alongside our Bellingham neighbors will mean big support:

“We are thrilled with this opportunity. The truth is, monetary donations are even better than donated food. It allows our food bank to target exactly what our shoppers want, we can focus on fresh nutritious foods, and we can get it onto our distribution floor the day we receive it. This fund drive is a great way to give everyone in Bellingham a chance to help feed their community.”

This unprecedented outreach could lead to a significant increase in monetary support for hunger relief in Whatcom County, this spring and beyond, and that’s something our local letter carriers are proud of. Says NALC Northsound 450 Union President Kevin W. Ernest:

“Northsound 450 is excited about this opportunity. The needs of the food banks in our community have changed and we’re excited to try something new this year to meet those needs. The NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is one of the most exciting events of the year for Letter Carriers and we are glad to continue to support our communities through this event.”

Bellingham Food Bank has been feeding our community since 1972. Currently, 1 in 5 Bellingham households uses the food bank on a regular basis, and every month, the food bank responds to more than 18,000 visits. For more information and to donate visit

Look for a donation envelope in your mailbox leading up to May 14 and leave it for your letter carrier to pick up that day. All funds will be delivered to Bellingham Food Bank to support their operations, as well as those of Lummi Tribal Food Bank and Salvation Army of Bellingham’s food bank.

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