Submitted by Gym Star Sports Center

Gym Star Sports Center had six athletes who qualified for Region 2 Gymnastics Championships 2022: Bella Burns, Campbell DeJong, Sabrina Barrett, Kasey DeJong, Charley Huffman, and Chloe Broyles.

Photo courtesy Gym Star Sports Center

Both Bella Burns and Charley Huffman competed as Level 8’s. Bella Burns finished with a 34.825 and Charley finished with a 35.725 All Around.

Level 9 gymnasts can qualify to the next step of competition, which is Westerns to be held in Salt Lake City, May 6-8.

Campbell DeJong qualified with a 36.7, finishing 4th All Around.

Sabrina Barrett, Kasey DeJong and Chloe Broyles will be competing as Xcel Platinum’s the weekend of April 30-31.

All these athletes have worked incredibly hard all year long! Congratulations Gym Star gymnasts!

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