Since the beginning of 2020, scientific revelations have captured the forefront of most news mediums. For the last two years, we’ve been bombarded with information about viral strains, immunology, biology, chemistry, vaccines, and even warnings about hidden toxins in our commonplace cleaning products. Information overload is a real thing and given that most of us have forgotten our high school science classes, basic level comprehension of pandemic-related subjects has never been more important. Briotech understands this and wants to help by providing a platform dedicated to the science and education of hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Their first video, An Introduction to the History of HOCl Presented by the Drs. Jeff and Christine Williams’ Center of HOCl Excellence, debuted on their new BrioGlobal YouTube Channel on December 2, 2021.

Both book and channel hope to inform consumers and health-conscious researchers of all ages about this amazing science. Photo courtesy Briotech

BrioGlobal Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Rasmussen notes that: “The pandemic has moved people online. It has transformed how our world relies on the internet and where we go for news and education, and we’ve seen YouTube become a major source for that information. So, for us, it’s easy and flexible, and it’s a great tool to deliver messaging directly from our trusted BrioGlobal doctors and scientists.”

“As part of Briotech’s mission to make a positive impact in people’s lives around the globe by making HOCl universally available, we created the Center of HOCl Excellence as an educational platform centered on providing information on the history, science, production, and use applications of HOCl,” says company co-founder Cynthia Varela. “The videos we’re producing are created from content of ‘The Handbook of HOCl – A User’s Guide to Hypochlorous Acid and Its Everyday Applications,’ a book we wrote and completed in 2021. Our videos will follow chapter segments of our handbook in layman’s terms with new subjects released intermittently over this next year.”

As the handbook’s dedication page conveys, the company has devoted both written word and video releases to, “the curious minds, young and old, who embrace inquisitiveness and foster inspiration to bring positive change to this world,” Rasmussen explains. “We wrote it as an educational effort to help those who might know rather little chemistry or biology to learn how remarkable the human body is. We want to share our understanding of how microscopic cells produce beneficial chemicals when they’re stressed, and how those chemicals can stimulate an astonishing range of important reactions like fighting off invaders and restoring balance during healing. The handbook is the format that our videos will expand on, and just as everyone at Briotech contributed to the writing in our handbook, so will everyone have a voice in our video releases.”

This image depicts the biochemical events that take place in phagosomes of white blood cells after ingesting bacteria (top left) which triggers the production of HOCl (top center). The attack on the bacterium quickly leads to its destruction, and fragments and waste products are ejected by a reversal of the phagosome forming process (top right). Photo courtesy Briotech

When Varela and fellow co-founder Dan Terry first heard about HOCl, “it seemed incredible,” she recalls. “A natural molecule that’s produced inside our bodies, that works to defend us from pathogens, and that can be manufactured outside the body safely for a broad range of beneficial uses? The idea of this seemed almost too good to be true. So, we began educating ourselves and the more we learned, the more it became clear how adoption of this molecule could positively impact health, healing and sanitizing efforts around the world.”

Since then, their work in making beneficial and readily available products that can be used in homes, schools, hospitals and even the far-flung jungles of Myanmar has garnered them several production breakthroughs, and their work to share their knowledge with customers, governments and policy-makers has always remained a top priority.

The BrioGlobal staff looks forward to having “The Handbook of HOCl” released in early 2022, along with monthly video releases on their BrioGlobal YouTube Channel throughout the year. “We aspire to build adoption and instill confidence for use of HOCl everyday—by everybody around the globe,” says Varela. “We hope to raise awareness of safe and natural alternatives for today’s essential disinfection and sanitizing requirements, and to shine the light on the education of HOCl as an important component of our human immune system and as a component that when synthesized outside the body in a pure and stable state, still provides effective defense.”

BrioGlobal is releasing a new book, An Introduction to the History of HOCl, as well as informative YouTube channel. Photo courtesy Briotech

Truly gentle yet powerful, Briotech products prove useful for a variety of situations. “From topical applications like sunburn relief to pet care, and odor control, and surface area disinfection, HOCl is a resource that we think belongs in every first aid kit, in every bathroom, and on every kitchen countertop,” says Rasmussen. “HOCl is not bleach, and it’s not dangerous. It’s a simple and natural molecule that’s made in every infection-fighting cell we have and, as such, contributes to the well-being of every human on the planet. Now we can synthesize that simple molecule precisely and purely, at industrial scale. That’s important and life-affirming information that we want to share.”

The jargon used to convey the biology and chemistry behind viral pandemic concerns can seem overwhelming if you’re not a scientist. However, thanks to the medium of YouTube, the BrioGlobal Center of HOCl Excellence helps bridge that knowledge gap with a video series that is both enlightening and engaging.

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