Getting IT help that’s right for your business needs can be a challenge, and over the years, Commodore and Kelly Patrick have encountered this first-hand.

That’s why the Bellingham couple, with 20 years of experience in their respective industries—Commodore in IT services and Kelly in small business management—joined forces to create Summit IT Solutions, a local company providing friendly, flexible, and personalized IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Summit IT Solutions offers affordable IT help for small to medium-sized local businesses. Photo courtesy Summit IT Solutions

This includes traditional IT services like server, network and workstation management and security, as well as wireless solutions, hosted email management and spam filtering, and other custom services.

“I want to make IT services approachable for small businesses in a friendly, transparent way,” says Commodore, who got his IT start working with Unix and Linux operating systems while in the United States Marine Corps. After concluding his military service, Commodore continued in IT, working for Intel and several managed services providers in the Portland, Oregon area.

Kelly, whose previous business management experience included managing several small businesses and a decade managing an REI store, is focused on the customer service and business management side of Summit.

Together, they’re a unique and powerful team with a desire to help provide quality IT service in the beautiful community they love to call home.

“We don’t see our services as being ‘just IT,’” says Kelly. “Our services have the ability to help the independent business owners and non-profits of Bellingham flourish.”

The Summit IT Solutions team is bolstered by company mascots Robie (left) and Hank. Photo courtesy Summit IT Solutions

The Patricks take pride in their flexible and detail-oriented methods of IT service, doing their best to really listen to clients’ needs and wants. They strive to work within budgets and are willing to work with all manner of customers’ unique circumstances and business structures, helping them build à la carte service plans. In the event they’re unable to help a client, they’re happy to refer them to other resources that can.

In short, the couple takes their unique approach to IT services seriously because they genuinely care about the individuals and businesses that make up the Whatcom County community.

“We care if our clients are stressed out because payroll is due and the printer doesn’t work,” says Kelly. “We care if there is a networking issue that adversely affects a client.  We also care if our clients’ businesses grow and flourish.  We want them to be successful, and we know we can provide services to help them grow and plan for the future.”

And while technology is inherently expensive, Summit IT Solutions is committed to up-front pricing for the small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits that make this region so unique. At Summit, the goal is to get what you pay for—the services you need for problem solving, proactive business planning, and the technology needed for your future.

Bellingham residents Commodore and Kelly Patrick bring decades of professional experience to Summit IT Solutions. Photo courtesy Summit IT Solutions

“With remote work and home offices becoming increasingly prevalent in the age of COVID-19, Summit IT Services also offers remote workstation hosting, allowing access to company data and applications in a remote cloud for maximum flexibility.”

“The whole set-up of the traditional office and the traditional cubicle is changing, and that’s changing how we work with technology,” Kelly says. If someone wants to work on their QuickBooks report in their pajamas on their couch, or while waiting to pick up their kids from school, Summit is ready to make it possible.

In addition to providing critical and affordable IT services for local businesses, the Patricks also hope to use their business to give back to this community they so cherish. They plan to refurbish older computers and IT supplies for those in need, whether individuals or small business owners short on cash for start-up technology. Affordable or free laptops and networking equipment, Kelly says, can make a world of difference in helping people and businesses get off the ground.

“Donating equipment is just the beginning,” says Kelly, who believes this way of giving back should be the bare minimum any IT company can do for its community. “Yes, we want to donate used computer and networking equipment to help support our community and protect the environment. But we also want to be so much more than that.”

The Patricks plan to join a mentorship program for IT students at Whatcom Community College and, both avid outdoors lovers, are looking for ways to support the maintenance of local trail systems. Additionally, Commodore wants to join a Search and Rescue team and also support resources for at-risk youth.

Of course, Summit IT Solutions wouldn’t be complete without its mascots: the Patricks’ dogs, Robie and Hank. The two pooches are, Kelly says, an always enthusiastic and ever-present part of their company. Animals hold a special place in Kelly’s heart, as she currently volunteers for Animals as Natural Therapy.

Summit IT Solutions offers free consultations—often over the beverage of your choice—to meet and discuss your IT needs.

So, if friendly, professional IT service from passionate and knowledgeable people sounds appealing, Summit IT Solutions could be the perfect fit for your business.

“We take a ton of pride in what we do, both from the quality of our work to how we approach and communicate with our clients,” Kelly says. “We are so excited to work in an area where people take pride in something. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for us.”


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