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Local donors came together early in the day on Monday, November 15th, to create a $100,000 matching pool to support flood relief efforts for Whatcom County neighbors. Hours later Puget Sound Energy added $15,000 to the match pool. As a result, anyone who donates to the Whatcom Community Foundation’s Resilience Fund this week will have their gift up to a combined total of $115,000 matched, dollar for dollar.

Local funding is the fastest, most flexible funding available for disaster response. Funding requests are coming in for hotel vouchers, generators, blankets and food for displaced families, volunteers and first responders. The needs will grow in the coming days. The Community Foundation is communicating with agencies, leaders and trusted partners to understand where resources are most needed.

Whether for flooding, Covid-19 or other community emergencies, the Resilience Fund puts dollars to work through front line organizations for disaster preparedness, response and long-term recovery. Since the Covid- 19 pandemic struck in 2020, the Whatcom Community Foundation made Resilience Fund grants to 60 local nonprofits totaling more than $2.6 million. To contribute to the Resilience Fund, click here.

About the Whatcom Community Foundation

As one of more than 750 community foundations nationwide, we are a charitable organization created through gifts from people who care about a particular place. We invest your donations in ideas and activities that take a cooperative approach toward making Whatcom County a place where everyone thrives. Anyone can contribute any amount of money to a community foundation, which builds assets to meet local needs and opportunities. Together we can transform your generosity into fuel for what matters most to you.

Featured photo by Anson Chamblin

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