For nearly 50 years, Barron has worked to ensure comfort, health, and energy solutions for its customers throughout northwest Washington. Barron has not only carried out its mission of “improving lives” for customers, but also for all of the people the company employs.

Barron Heating is a northwest leader in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing work, and is a great place to launch or continue a career in the trades. Photo courtesy Barron Heating

And right now, Barron is searching for new hires as it continues to expand its HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and hearth divisions for both residential and commercial service.

Brad Barron, chief operating officer for the company, says there are currently many opportunities for both apprenticeship and licensed technician positions. Now is a great time to consider entering the trades, Barron says, especially for those just entering the workforce.

“There’s a growing need for technicians, electricians, and plumbers,” he says. “For every five baby boomers retiring right now, there’s only one millennial or Gen Z entering the trades.”

Why Barron?

Working for Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing means excellent pay, benefits, bonuses, and even profit-sharing for its team members. It also means a wide array of career paths across its five divisions of 20 or more departments.

For apprenticeship candidates, Brad Barron emphasizes that prior experience isn’t necessary, though of course it’s always preferable. That’s because The Barron Technician School provides candidates with a series of formal and informal training programs to ensure they’re ready to start a career.

Formal training consists of 14- to 15-week programs in specific service technician categories, while additional, more informal lab work can help supplement traditional on-the-job training.

The Barron Technician school provides an additional trade apprentice pathway, Barron says. Traditionally, apprentices are paired with licensed technicians for months or years depending on their chosen licensing requirements.

“We not only have that traditional path, but we bring apprentices in and sort of supercharge their learning experience through classes—whether that be new-hire classes or classes specific to a trade,” he says.

Plenty of career pathways exist in Barron Heating’s various divisions, from HVAC technician to management positions. Photo courtesy Barron Heating

Whether the focus is brazing joints as a refrigeration technician, changing out electrical panels as an electrician, or learning how to install tankless water heaters, Barron’s programs enhance on-the-job experience.

For those with licensing and experience, working at Barron provides a multitude of additional opportunities.

Whether someone comes from another company within Barron’s service area, or relocates from another part of the country, Barron says they frequently receive positive remarks about the collective industry knowledge provided by working there.

“We have a team that has this breadth of experience and depth of years,” he says. “And that’s huge.”

With a large array of career paths within Barron—from sales and marketing to business development to operations—the company also provides someone with years of field experience a chance to transition out of the field and into a supervisor, management, or leadership position; something that might not be possible at a smaller company.

“For someone who’s looking at their career and going, ‘I like what I do but I’m looking for what’s next,’ we have an exceptional wealth of knowledge here at Barron that you can tap into,” Barron says.

For younger, less experienced workers, committing to a career at Barron also means the chance to move up. The retirement of older, experienced workers, and the vacuum they leave behind, provides a chance to advance into leadership and management at a quicker rate than previous generations. Some members of Barron’s leadership circle, in fact, are only in their early 30s.

The Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing family is committed to great pay, benefits, and co-worker relationships for its employees. Photo courtesy Barron Heating

Regardless of age, working at Barron means many ways to earn a great living.

Performance pay provides a chance to make beyond an employee’s traditional wages when service calls are performed exceptionally. The company often awards employee bonuses based on the monthly, quarterly, and annual performance of both the employee and the company itself. At the end of each fiscal year, Barron also hands out profit-sharing checks to spread the wealth, in addition to re-investing in vehicles and training facilities.

“Compensation for team members who are experienced, or who work themselves up in the field, is in the six figures,” Barron says. “I don’t think a lot of people think that when they think of the trades, but you can earn an exceptional living. We have team members here that prove that every single year.”

And despite all the hard work, Barron is also a place focused on fostering life-long relationships. In addition to quarterly team-building events, Barron hosts a summertime barbeque and a wintertime end-of-year celebration for its employees. Many employees are good friends, and others play on sports teams together.

“We care about relationships, and we really encourage that,” Barron says of getting to know co-workers. “It’s good to work hard, but it’s also good to have fun.”

Are You an Ideal Candidate?

Regardless of where a potential employee comes from, and regardless of their experience level, Barron seeks those who share in their core values.

Being trustworthy, mindful, passionate, and growth-oriented about self and company are important, as is being hungry, humble, and people-savvy. An aptitude or desire for mechanical inclination and working with your hands is also a big plus.

For apprentices, especially, Barron says problem solving skills are always appreciated.

“Every situation—whether it’s new construction or retrofitting and replacement—requires a really high degree of critical thinking and problem solving,” he says.

So, whether a career in the trades is a new idea for you or already part of your livelihood, Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing might just be your next career stop.

“We’re always looking for good people,” Barron says. “If anyone is interested, there’s never a bad time to apply.”


This could be you! Photo courtesy Barron Heating
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