Beth Anna Margolis, 50, is a painter and poet who has created art for many years. Her works are colorful, energetic, and inspired by her love for nature.

Gallery Syre, at 465 West Stuart Road, will present a solo show of more than 60 of Beth Anna’s works, which include originals and Giclee print reproductions, and opens to the public on July 31, from 2 to 5 p.m. The exhibit runs through October 23.

“Paintings of My Life,” a lifetime collection of Beth Anna’s paintings curated by her longtime friend Laurie Riskin includes the presentation of her new book with the same title, in which she shares her story. The new book includes excerpts of poetry and paintings from Beth Anna’s previous book, “Uplifted Down Syndrome,” along with new essays, poems, and artwork. Overall, these works shed light on Beth Anna’s creativity and kindness—and her inherent power.

Beth Anna grew up in Van Zandt and is the daughter of Jeff Margolis and the late Amy Margolis, who enthusiastically encouraged and embraced her talents.

Curator Laurie Riskin (left) and artist Beth Anna Margolis (right).

Beth Anna’s pastel drawings feature many elements that speak to her persona: vivid colors, elements of nature, and inventive patterns are only some of them.

“Trees and leaves, shades of green and yellow, meet with her vision that complements her prolific artistry,” says Riskin. “Her lines are expressive and full of movement, making her subjects truly interesting and lively.”

Riskin says that Beth Anna’s artworks, and the book, offer an incredible insight on her worldview, nurtured by her personal experiences and creative vision.

Beth Anna Margolis, Cool Notes, 2021, Glice?e Print on paper, 24 x 30 in.

“My experiences motivate my art, which I love. I want people to see that,” says Beth Anna. “I hope people will respect me for my talents. That is true for me and for other people with Down Syndrome. I can be anything I want. That’s power.”

“This show is a dream come true for me,” Beth Anna continues, “to share my art with others.”

Riskin adds, “Like all artists, her artwork represents her own interpretation of life.”

Beth Anna has shown and sold her work at Allied Arts of Whatcom County, the Max Higbee Center, the Deming Library, and SeaFeast.

Contemporaneously, Gallery Syre will introduce a new selection of David Syre’s paintings, made this past spring. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment.

For information, call 360-746-8745 or email gallerysyre@gmail.com. To view more of Beth Anna’s works, go to Gallery Syre.

All photos courtesy Gallery Syre

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