Submitted by Whatcom Events

As Ski to Sea racers and enthusiasts may know, Whatcom Events has been reviewing possible routes to put on a 2021 race.  These efforts have included adoption of a race plan under the State of Washington guidelines for outdoor recreational events, conversations with our municipal partners, and submission of a short survey to past team captains.  Unfortunately, this process has led us to conclude that we must postpone the race for another year.  

This decision was not made lightly.  It is based upon a host of considerations, including the inability to stage a race that would allow all of us to experience the personal comradery that is at the core of the event.  The importance of this factor was highlighted by the results of our survey, which included an answer from more than half of the 263 respondents that they were unlikely or very unlikely to form a team under the current circumstances.  

Of course, another important factor is economics, as Whatcom Events is a non-profit operation.  Our goal is to renew the race under circumstances that will allow it to continue for years to come, which would be significantly threatened if we experience another shut down or low turnout.  Last year’s cancellation resulted in a $65,000 loss to Whatcom Events.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and assistance, including the City of Bellingham, Whatcom County and the Whatcom County Health Department.  As a non-profit entity, our hope is that you will help to preserve the race by graciously contributing to our Go Fund Me Campaign, which includes “swag” based upon donation amounts.  Please learn more about our campaign here.   

We would appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the word of our first and only fundraising campaign in hopes of meeting our goal by March 31st.  

We look forward to seeing and being with everyone for the 2022 Ski to Sea Race.

Anna Rankin
Whatcom Events Executive Director

Whatcom Events Board of Directors
Larry Bussinger
Tracy Gorham
Don Kurtis
Terri Lee
Mark Lee
Mike Trowbridge

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