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We all may have wondered this at one point in our lives. Some of us have gotten our answers through experimentation, while others may still be wondering, “What does it feel like to use marijuana?” If you’re trying to decide if you should try cannabis, let us tell you a bit about the different experiences you may have. 

First, let’s not forget that the cannabis world has grown extensively in recent years. There are so many products to choose from and huge ranges of effects from product to product. 

We’ll walk you through the basics of what weed feels like and make some important distinctions between different variations.

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid 

While there are some universal aspects of being high from cannabis, there are many distinctions that can be made based on genetics. For example, whether the cannabis is sativa, indica, or hybrid will all affect your experience of being high. Let’s take a closer look. 

What does sativa feel like? 

Sativa cannabis is typically a daytime choice. It tends to have uplifting, energizing effects that can sometimes assist in getting stuff done. People who like to workout or accomplish tasks while high tend to reach for sativa strains. 

Be careful, though. If you’re not used to smoking a lot, certain sativa strains can be intense, especially when it’s a high-quality, potent flower. Common negative effects include anxiety, paranoia, and shakiness. 

Sativas are not likely to help you fall asleep or kick back at the end of the day. Sure, you can smoke them in the evening, but you’ll probably experience more of a euphoric rush and maybe even a boost in creativity. You’re much less likely to get sleepy or lazy with sativa strains. 

Some people like to indicate that sativas offer a head high whereas indicas offer a body high, and this is sometimes true but not always accurate. There are many other factors contributing to these experiences. Still, as a general rule, this is an easy way to remember the most prominent effects of sativa and indica strains. 

What does indica feel like?

On the other end of the weed spectrum is indica. Indica strains are much more sedative and relaxing than their sativa counterparts. As such, indica is sometimes referred to as the “body high” type, but there is much more to it than that. 

Still, indicas work best as an evening/nighttime strain. You wouldn’t want to puff on an indica before a workout or before busting out chores because you’ll most likely find yourself feeling lazy. In fact, indicas are often jokingly referred to as in-da-couch strains. 

Indica strains are also more commonly used for things like stress or pain relief because they produce a relaxing effect. If you’re looking to melt away aches and pains or stress, an indica may be the right choice. 

What does a hybrid feel like? 

Hybrid strains come from crossing genetics between indica and sativa plants. And the effects can vary from strain to strain based on the ratios. 

There are well-balanced hybrids, which contain an even amount of sativa and indica genetics. The resulting effects are an even cross between the strains that are bred together. This means users may benefit from a mix of uplifting, energizing effects in contrast with relaxing and calming effects. 

And then there are sativa-dominant hybrids and indica-dominant hybrids. As their names suggest, these strains have a mix of both indica and sativa but are dominant in one or the other. The result is a high that combines the effects of both strains with one shining more strongly than others. 

Many people prefer hybrid strains because they find sativa or indica to be too intense on either end of the spectrum. For example, if you like the energizing effects of sativa strains but find yourself getting anxious or too stimulated when you use them, you may want to choose a sativa dominant strain with a smaller concentration of indica to balance out the effects. 

On the other hand, if you find that you prefer indica strains for their relaxing effects but don’t like how intensely sleepy you get with them, reach for an indica-dominant strain. This will allow you to reap the benefits of indica strains while also benefitting from some of the energizing effects of sativa strains. 

Ok, but what does weed feel like, actually? 

Now that we’ve discussed the major differences between types of weed, we can look at how weed feels in general. If you’re wondering what weed feels like, this should give you a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently and effects vary from strain to strain. 

In general, being high on weed feels a bit odd at first or dreamlike. For some, it can be very intense and scary if they get too high because reality feels altered. 

You may find that your coordination is thrown off, along with your sense of space and time. The minutes may seem to drag for hours but then hours may go by and it will feel like only minutes have passed. 

Many people find themselves giggly and laughing at everything. Some things may seem ridiculously funny, even if they have never been funny before. Additionally, you may get the munchies and discover that eating food is really fun while high. 

The experience is different for everyone, but many people report feeling like they are in a daydream or that surroundings look different. Maybe lights are a little brighter or the room seems a little fuzzier. It varies. 

Music and weed make a great pair, as well. You may find yourself listening to songs you’ve known for years and suddenly noticing new parts or hearing it in a different light. We recommend you put on your favorite album and see where it takes you. 

Overall, everyone has a unique experience when they smoke weed. Everyone tends to have a different recollection of what the effects are like, as well. 

However, impairment in coordination and judgment, a warped sense of time, and the need to eat food are pretty common indicators that someone is high. 

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