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Jodi Joyce, Unity Care NW’s CEO, has personal experience with the life-saving importance of accessing care in a timely manner. In May 2019, her son and daughter-in-law noticed that her 13-month-old grandson, Teddy, was lethargic and having some difficulty breathing. They sought care immediately, where it was discovered that Teddy had swallowed a lithium “button battery.” The battery had burned two holes in his esophagus and was threatening his airway and his heart. Teddy’s medical providers said it was unlikely he would have lived two more hours if he hadn’t gotten care.

Unity Care NW serves 21,000+ community members, standing strong during the pandemic to ensure affordable medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services. Photo courtesy Unity Care NW

Teddy’s survival, which included an air ambulance, emergency surgery, and month-long hospital stay, would not have been possible if his parents had delayed care due to concerns about their ability to pay or how they would be treated. For many individuals, these heartbreaking considerations prevent or delay them from getting the care they need—at times with tragic consequences. That’s why Unity Care NW’s work is so personally important to Joyce. Unity Care NW makes sure that the amount of money a person has does not determine how healthy they get to be. Everyone in our community can access Unity Care NW’s whole person services of medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy.

Joyce is happy to report that Teddy has made a full recovery and is a source of endless joy and energy today (as you can see in the photo above). She and her family are so grateful, and she feels compelled to help guarantee similar happy endings to many other stories.

All individuals deserve access to timely affordable care, Unity Care NW makes this possible and your donation can help! Photo courtesy Unity Care NW

Unity Care NW is deeply committed to their mission of “increasing the years of healthy life in the people and communities we serve.” To accomplish this, it’s crucial to ensure access to timely, affordable care.

During a year like no other, you are invited to join Joyce in making a donation to ensure that all individuals can access timely health care. When you give to Unity Care NW, you are giving families peace of mind that they don’t have to decide between a medical appointment or groceries. You are helping to ensure that individuals who are homeless can access medications and that friends and neighbors who are unemployed don’t have to wait until it’s too late to get help for an ailing tooth. Your support helps Unity Care NW be here for their 21,000+ patients, and our community, during this pandemic and beyond. 

Make your donation today by clicking here. Find out more about Unity Care NW’s work by clicking here.

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