Every day, CorePhysio embodies its values of compassion and care, choosing hope over fear in the face of the pandemic. CorePhysio is a team of physical therapy specialists in Bellingham with a focus on individualized attention, smart clinical analysis, and the right challenge at the right time.  They have continued to provide the outstanding care they’ve become known for at their Fairhaven and Squalicum clinic locations, integrating and updating Covid-19 best practices to protect the health of their team and clients. 

Health and safety take first priority at CorePhysio. Photo courtesy CorePhysio

CorePhysio is currently setting the stage to provide the same services at their new Grant Street location opening this fall.  Their marketing team is passionate about providing interesting community and health information on their website and Facebook page, including updates on the grand opening.  Above all, at every location, the CorePhysio team wants clients to thrive and feel empowered in their own body and healthcare. Their expert practitioners have made it a life practice to help their clients find hope and healing. 

One of CorePhysio’s key goals is to create multiple access points to CorePhysio so that clients can still access healthcare in whatever way makes them most comfortable. For those who feel uneasy going into the clinic, there’s telehealth. “Our use of telehealth has been phenomenal as it decreases barriers to care,” says Angie Hilyar, CorePhysio pelvic health physical therapist. Those with sniffles or a cold can protect other people by meeting with their physical therapist virtually and still continue their progress. 

Hilyar has also found telehealth helpful for clients who simply encounter everyday barriers, such as having to drive a long distance, being unable to find childcare or a car that won’t start. “They don’t have to cancel or wait to come in,” she says. “We can log in and have a one-on-one discussion and get the same level of engagement and listening that we provide in person.”

CorePhysio’s expert and compassionate team help clients thrive. Photo courtesy CorePhysio

CorePhysio continues to maintain its exemplary cleaning and hygiene practices, aware that as healthcare providers they’re called to impeccable levels of accountability and care—and they more than rise to meet that expectation. “We want to ensure that both staff and client feel safe, which aligns with our service culture about doing everything at our absolute best,” Hilyar says. There’s a culture of open information; clients are free and comfortable to ask questions about all COVID-19—and any other—safety precautions. 

Clinicians make it a priority to establish a positive, growth-minded environment where clients can fully thrive. Safety is one piece of the puzzle, but there are so many more. “I consider myself a full-out body optimist and I am pretty nerdy about it,” says Hilyar. “I love educating people about how amazing their body is, especially in the midst of a time when it feels like their body is not cooperating with them at all. I use that knowledge to really empower them in that experience that they know they are resilient and have opportunities to achieve meaningful goals. I think it offers hope and self-acceptance. Those are the most meaningful emotional or mental transitions that I have the opportunity to witness.”

Hilyar is so passionate about education that she wrote a yoga-style course for individuals with pelvic considerations. She was able to skillfully pivot the course online, which has provided access to this unique, PT-based yoga care to clients around the country. 

Clinical and business staff alike work their hardest to support client health and healing. Photo courtesy CorePhysio

CorePhysio’s clinicians are natural teachers; they’ve spent their careers empowering people to learn about their bodies. And a key component of teaching is listening. Hilyar knows how important it is to foster an atmosphere of curiosity and compassion. “One way I try to help my clients move from survival to thriving is by listening and hearing what is meaningful right now and what they hope for themselves in the future.  We collaborate with our clients and tailor a plan to meet those goals, whether it’s an athletic activity or being able to do everyday things without fear. I love having honest discussions about my clients’ concerns or barriers and to shift that conversation into finding the solution that makes sense and creates a win.”

The culture of service and support at CorePhysio makes it truly unique. “I moved across the country to work here!” Hilyar says. “The engagement of all clinical and administrative staff and level of active listening of what we do is so high, it’s hard to mistake. I believe that offers our clients the opportunity to really feel heard and like they have someone on their team who is walking with them toward their individual goals.”

Part of what makes CorePhysio unique is that every member of their clinical and business team commit to supporting the success of each client. “Client education is a major part of health care,” says CorePhysio CEO and physical therapist Elizabeth Hampton, whose business team sees themselves as educators who help consumers understand and navigate the complexities of insurance. “Consumers’ education and research into insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs is key, and the business team helps translate those complexities so clients understand what to expect and how to take full advantage of their insurance benefits.”

The exceptional quality of care across all levels at CorePhysio, whether clinical or administrative, is what takes their clients into a place of hope, healing, and—yes—thriving. 


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