Submitted by: Whatcom County Executive’s Office

Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu issued the following statement calling for reflection and resilience as the community faces the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak:

For a week now we have been adjusting to life under the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” declaration. These are unprecedented and challenging times. Never in our lifetime have we been asked to give up our livelihoods, our mobility and our ability to personally connect with others.

We are all experiencing great distress and anxiety caused both by the disease’s threat to our personal wellbeing and by the restrictive measures taken to stop the pandemic. Unfortunately, we know that even as we take these extraordinary steps to contain the virus, the number of those falling ill will increase over the next several weeks. This profound uncertainty only compounds our insecurity, but we must prepare ourselves for sheltering in place for an extended and still unknown period.

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the many blessings we have living here in Whatcom County, in the United States. Perhaps our greatest blessing right now is the thousands of community members fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19 – your healthcare workers, first responders and medical support staff, your grocery and pharmacy clerks. These people are working diligently and even putting themselves at risk to help us get through this difficult period.

If you want to express your gratitude to the tireless frontline workers, the best thing you can do is stay home and stay healthy. Help stop the spread so that we can save lives and return to normal.

Also, please know that your government and emergency organizations at all levels – federal, state and local – are working to ensure your physical and economic wellbeing. I recognize that sometimes it may seem that things are not happening fast enough. However, this virus is not only invisible, but it came upon us suddenly and capriciously.

Finally, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the community members we’ve lost. To the grieving family and friends, please know you are not alone – we are with you and share your sorrow.

I would suggest that we all take 15 minutes every morning and before bed and reflect on the fragility of life. Think of all the goodness that is in the world and the goodness inside you. Nothing is more powerful than your inner strength and resolve to persevere. I have no doubt we will pull through and emerge stronger together.

Love is not what you do, love is who you are.

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