At Bellingham’s RejuvenationMD® – Aesthetic Skin Treatment and Wellness Center, one of Dr. Tianna Tsitsis’ most popular treatments is the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure, sometimes referred to as the Vampire® Series. Platelet-Rich-Plasma can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, acne scarring, hair growth, sexual wellness, and more.

Dr. Tianna Tsitsis. Photo courtesy: RejuvenationMD

This month, we met with Dr. T to learn about the available PRP treatments patients receive at RejuvenationMD. The first PRP treatment we were introduced to is the Vampire Facial®. “We draw blood, spin it down with a very sophisticated centrifuge and concentrate the platelets,” Dr. Tsitsis explains. The platelets are then placed on the face and microneedled into the skin. Microneedling creates tiny channels, which activates healing and causes the skin to tighten, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“When you add the PRP into the mix, the platelets signal to your stem cells to migrate towards them. So, if we do this procedure on your face, the stem cells are going to migrate to your face,” says Dr. Tsitsis. “They’re going to say ‘Oh, I’m in the skin, I’m going to make brand new skin cells, brand new collagen cells.’ You actually restructure your skin using your own blood.” Hence the term, Vampire Facial.

There’s little to no downtime after a PRP treatment, though Dr. T says your face might look red for a day or two—as if it had been windburned—but will return quickly to normal.

All Platelet-Rich Plasma procedures at RejuvenationMD begin the same way with drawing blood and separating the platelets from the red blood cells, and then spinning them down with a sophisticated centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Photos courtesy: RejuvenationMD

The second treatment we learned about is called the Vampire Facelift®. This procedure injects your PRP beneath the skin to add volume and contours, restructuring treatment areas.

The Vampire Facelift also begins by drawing blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. The platelets are then injected like dermal filler would be injected. “For example, if you need filler in your cheeks, we’ll take the platelets and inject them where we would place filler to add volume and generate new tissue over time,” Dr. Tsitsis explains. “We can also combine both treatments, injecting PRP beneath dermal fillers to add immediate lift and volume. The filler will break down over time, but your platelets have been busy creating brand new collagen to replace the volume the filler provided.”

Some people may metabolize filler at a faster rate, so the Vampire Facelift is a nice, natural option for people who process fillers more quickly. “The look of the filler remains, but it’s your own natural body,” says Dr. Tsitsis.

The Vampire Breast Lift® injects platelets to add volume and lift. Photo courtesy: RejuvenationMD

Physicians at RejuvenationMD also perform the Vampire Breast Lift®, which is similar to the Facelift. This process also includes injecting platelets into the breasts where lift and volume are desired. Scarring and lax skin around the breasts can also be treated by microneedling platelets as well as injecting them. Similar to the Facelift, filler can be placed above the PRP to provide immediate lift and volume. Again, as the filler breaks down, new collagen replaces the filler to maintain the look of the lift.

“The Breast Lift can increase volume by one to two cup sizes. I don’t want to promise this to anybody, but it can increase the size,” says Dr. T. If a patient is already large and doesn’t want to get larger, this is not a procedure she recommends. “And if you’re really tiny, I wouldn’t say it’s going to give you a breast augmentation look, but it’s going to improve the lift and it’s going to improve the structure of the breast as well.” If you’ve had augmentations, surgeries, or have scarring, you’re still a candidate for the Breast Lift procedure. It’s actually a great solution for those who’ve had, or are thinking of having, their implants removed.

RejuvenationMD can restore your thinning hair by injecting platelet-rich-plasma into the scalp, where ultimately stem cells can begin creating new hair follicles. Photo courtesy: RejuvenationMD

RejuvenationMD can also restore hair using PRP. All PRP procedures begin the same way with drawing blood and separating the platelets from the red blood cells. With the PRP Hair Restoration, the Platelet-Rich-Plasma is injected into the scalp where hair is thinning, and then the physician microneedles in platelets on top of the scalp to push platelets into small channels in the scalp so the stem cells can begin creating new hair follicles. Note, this procedure only works on those with thinning hair. If the follicles are already dead, PRP will not work.

The last two aesthetic PRP treatments offered at RejuvenationMD focus on promoting sexual wellness. The O-Shot® injects platelets into strategic locations in the vaginal area. “The platelets call to the stem cells to create new blood vessels, new nerve endings and new tissue, which result in increased blood flow, more sensitivity and a stronger pelvic floor,” says Dr. Tsitsis.

The O-Shot also helps treat Stress Urinary Incontinence. So, if you find yourself leaking while coughing, laughing or exercise, that could be a sign of a weak pelvic floor. “When you have more blood flow and more nerve endings, you have better sensitivity and better orgasms. So that’s why it’s called the O-Shot,” Dr. T tells us.

And, yes, male patients can also receive a similar treatment, called the P-Shot®. “We inject five different areas of the penis (which is numbed prior to the procedure) to help generate new blood vessels, nerve endings and tissue,” says Dr. Tsitsis. “Again, we’re making brand new tissue wherever we put those platelets. We recommend anywhere from one to three treatments, [though] three is definitely going to provide the best possible effect.” The P-Shot results in improved blood flow, increased length and girth, as well as stamina and sensation.

During the month of February, RejuvenationMD is running a sexual wellness special; anyone who purchases two or more treatments—O-Shot, P-Shot (or the diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy treatment)—receives a romantic night’s stay in a bay view deluxe room at the Hotel Bellwether! Guests receive three long-stem red roses, a bottle of Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries to go with their experience.


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