Submitted by: Solstice Senior Living

Sam came back to Bellingham, after living a number of years in Costa Rica, with a badly broken hip from a bike accident. After his release from rehab he needed a place to call home. When he contacted Solstice Senior Living he was at the lowest point in his life. He had limited income, his health was in decline, and he was all alone. During the tour, when asked what brought him back to Bellingham, Sam responded, “I came here to die.”

A little over a year later, Sam is a new man. Right around the time he reached out to Solstice Senior Living, Director of Sales at Solstice Randi Axelsson learned of an agency called Patriot Angels that helps veterans over 65 apply for the Aid and Attendance Pension.

“It’s an entitlement that can improve their lives, and they’re not taking advantage of it. That’s disturbing,’’ says Kevin Friel, deputy director of pension and fiduciary service at the VA.

As a United States wartime Veteran, Sam was eligible to apply for this benefit that can earn a veteran and/or surviving spouse up to $2,985 a month TAX FREE to help pay for Senior Living through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Patriot Angels helped him streamline his VA benefit application and cut through the government red tape. They have developed a process that leverages the shortcomings and vast bureaucracies of the administration in order to help Veterans and their loved ones receive the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit.

Imagine in your retirement years, being well cared for and not being burdened by the added costs and expenses of senior living. You deserve being honored for the service you gave while protecting America.

After Sam’s positive results 4 other residents at Solstice Senior Living have applied for the Aid and Attendance Pension through Patriot Angels. Two of them are now receiving the pension and the other two have been qualified and are awaiting final notice of benefits from the VA.

To qualify for the program, veterans in most cases must be at least 65, have had at least one day of service during wartime, and have at least 90 days of active service before 1980 or at least 24 months after Sept. 7, 1980. They also must meet certain income requirements, and, under new rules, their net worth cannot exceed $123,600, not counting their primary residence.

“Our men and women who have served in uniform have earned benefits many don’t know about,” says Axelsson. “These are benefits that many of our aging Veterans really need to live comfortably in a senior community such as Solstice Senior Living. I’m so grateful for an organization like Patriot Angels connecting our heroes to their earned and deserved but often unclaimed benefits.”

Seeking the advice of VA-accredited lawyers or a service such as Patriot Angels can help you determine your eligibility and navigate the process to receive the disability benefits you’ve earned.

Solstice Senior Living is an independent living community located in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham. Contact Randi Axelsson for a special offer for Veterans, more information about the Aid and Attendance Pension, and to schedule a tour. 360-671-6060.

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