Skyrocket Your Child’s Imagination with Launching Success

A child huddles in the tall grass, his trusty ant sidekick at the ready. Together they fight maniacal spiders and the occasional heavy-soled shoe. He is Green Cricket: crime fighter extraordinaire.

A little girl tries to buy everything in the store with her tiny shopping cart. Photo courtesy: Launching Success.

A child’s imagination is fertile ground, but in a world dominated by screens and over-scheduled days, how do you encourage that wild imaginary play?

In this case, a comic book kit from Launching Success does the trick, feeding his imagination and helping him create original stories he’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Engage Young Minds

Take your little ones deep into the woods to hunt for squishy creatures. The GeoSafari Jr. Explorer Scope changes from a microscope – magnifying ants to eight times their size – to a telescope, magnifying a distant eagle to 15 times larger. It’s made for three- to six-year-olds, so it’s easy to use. What a great way to open up the world, encourage exploration and have fun!

Launching Success is located at 133 Prince Avenue in Bellingham. Photo courtesy: Launching Success.

If your child can’t find enough bugs to look at, get her a kids’ big tool set, which encourages children to help out in the dirt, rake leaves, dig holes and find worms, slugs and spiders – a perfect companion for her newfound, bug-magnifying super power.

She can learn about the bugs she finds with the Insect Detective, an award-winning book teaching young children about the fascinating world of bugs. It’s full of awesome factoids and advice on how to find these intriguing critters all around us.

These toys nurture the inner scientist in excited young minds and are available – along with much more – at Launching Success.

Skyrocket your Child’s Imagination with Launching Success

Start your little brain surgeons early with anatomy toys. Photo courtesy: Launching Success.

“The general reaction from customers is, ‘I didn’t know this place existed, and it’s so big!’” says Jen Zimmermann, who co-owns Launching Success with Kristen Ladiges.

If you love exploring new toys, playing your way through an afternoon, Launching Success is the place for you. Tucked away in a secluded cove of apartment complexes not far from Bellis Fair Mall, the store is a hidden gem. It’s one of the best kept secrets in Bellingham, but more and more people are seeing the light.

You’ve probably never seen a store like Launching Success. It’s partly for teachers, partly for homeschoolers and just an awesome toy store overall.

“We carry a very broad mix of toys for a variety of ages,” says Zimmermann. “Some are very unique that you can’t find anywhere, like a globe; you can’t go anywhere in Bellingham and find a globe.” Launching Success carries products from rattles to university-quality microscopes.

Start a new tradition at your house this winter: Science Sundays. With dozens of science kits available at Launching Success, you can show your kids how to create everything from chemical reactions to foamy, messy snow right in their hands. Or mix up some goopy, florescent slime in a slime lab. Hook up electrical cords to a battery, spin a pinwheel, make a buzzer go off and light up a light bulb with the Science Wiz Electricity Kit. Learn about electricity and magnetism, DNA, energy, physics and inventions, all in your own home.

“That’s why people want to shop here,” says Zimmermann, “people know the things they find here are unique and quality.”

Encourage Children’s Interests

Owner Jen Zimmermann demonstrates how a sparkly, pink, sequined cat pillow magically transforms to rainbow grey with the movement of a hand. Photo courtesy: Launching Success.

Encourage your little engineer with a solar robot that changes into 14 different bots, including one that swims on a surfboard in the bathtub, dances, walks like a dog while wagging his tail and throws little air punches like a boxer.

Teach your pint-sized brainiacs to code like a Google employee with Ozobot. It walks them through the coding process, entertaining with colored markers and flashing lights. You’ll be amazed as they actually create their own programs.

Give your children the tools to expand their minds and foster creativity and a love of learning. And unlike so many toys that end up abandoned in a corner a few weeks later, Launching Success’ toys will provide years of enjoyment.

“People love this store and they’re so happy we’re here,” says Zimmermann. The staff at Launching Success are like personal shoppers. They pride themselves on helping people find the perfect gift for a friend or grandchild. And their competitive prices will keep you coming back for more.

Launching Success’ Top Tips for Holiday Shopping:

Solar powered robots transform into numerous, roaming creatures. Photo courtesy: Launching Success.
  • Know your child’s interests. What subject are they excited about? Are they creative, love construction, logic, pretend play? What type of play do you want to encourage as a parent?
  • Several demo products are available throughout the store and loads of games are available to play. Bring your kids in early and write a list of what they love. Send the wish list to family and friends before Christmas.
  • Launching Success is getting ready to send out a holiday gift guide. This fun tool is a great way to explore and find gifts your kids will love. Stop by the store to pick one up.
  • “Quality is key,” says Zimmermann. “Don’t buy a doll that will fall apart in six months; spend a little bit more for a Corolle doll, made of high quality materials that will last for years.”
  • Look for products with guide books. Activities that have a guide book help parents know how to use the product, which usually has multiple functions.
  • Family activities, toys or games that involve the entire family build relationships and promote quality time.
  • Come in and ask. The owners of Launching Success are members of the ASTRA American Specialty Toy Retailers Association, giving them cutting edge knowledge of current award-winning toys picked by industry experts.
  • Current trending items are sequins, unicorns, sloths, robotics, anything with a remote control and Harry Potter.

The Launching Success team will professionally wrap your gift for free – saving you time and money. They also host birthday parties in-house, just call for details.

Follow them on Facebook for the latest events happening in store. Come in and see what your child can do!

Launching Success
133 Prince Avenue

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