Until recently, I’d never met with a financial advisor. I never considered going or taking the time to research options. I never even focused much on building a savings account independently. My money goes to rent, food, miscellaneous purchases and then … well, usually the rest just disappears.

A big reason I’ve avoided a serious look at my finances is that despite being a business major, the world of personal finances just seems too dreary. Financial plans and goals have always felt like reminders of how far away I currently am from my dreams – and how much further I have to go.

Shannon Day has the experience to help you make wise financial decisions that fit your life. Photo courtesy: Shannon Day.

But after meeting with Edward Jones financial advisor Shannon Day, I now see financial planning not as a chore but as a gift that brings peace of mind and prosperity to a life that that could always use a little less stress.

When I met with Shannon Day in her South Bay Suites office in Fairhaven, I got to know a woman with a knack for numbers. I also got to know a woman with a true passion for her community who has worn many different hats throughout her life (and keeps a few under her desk for easy access).

Day is easy to engage with. She candidly discusses life with me the same way she would discuss it with anyone, from clients to contestants at the Paws for a Beer trivia nights she emcees.

Shannon Day approaches her job, and life, authentically. Photo courtesy: Shannon Day.

Day describes her one-on-one investment and planning style as decidedly not “plug and play.” Having experienced her own non-traditional career, she approaches her work differently than a standard advisor. Every person on our planet is unique and Day knows that. What’s more, she loves it. When describing her relationship with her clients, she mimes a large encircling hug to demonstrate her holistic, personal approach. Every client becomes a part of her life and she tailors her strategies personally for each one.

The reason Day takes this personalized and caring approach is her belief that her job is an extension of herself: somewhere to be authentic, not somewhere to hide who she is. Day’s life has been marked by extraordinary experiences, from her time as a clown in high school and college to the years spent in Germany with her husband. In addition to her extraordinary spirit, she has a big heart. This is evidenced in the way she treats her clients as well as her love for her furry family of cats and dogs. To summarize her as a person in an article of this length requires leaving out stories of magic, love and lessons learned over a life of variety. One piece of her life that can’t be left out, that speaks volumes of Day’s character, is her time spent with Lydia Place.

Shannon Day poses at a Lydia Place event. Photo courtesy: Shannon Day.

At Lydia Place, Day hosts a variety of events, including every iteration of their Handbags for Housing event. Her commitment to Lydia Place’s mission of sustained independence for families throughout Whatcom County is so solid she was willing to figuratively write it in stone in the form of a tattoo on her forearm. The inscription bears the words “be love.” Her life is as much an embodiment of that statement as are the words themselves.

Lydia Place is an invaluable organization for our community, which streamlines assistance to those Whatcom County families that need it most. Day dedicates her time to this cause because she believes in it, much like she dedicates her time to her clients because she believes in them. Financial advising is not just about planning for a nest egg 50 years in the future; financial planning is for anyone and everyone. If you have ever earned a dollar or will ever earn a dollar, the best time to start planning is now.

Day is an outdoor enthusiast. Photo courtesy: Shannon Day.

In Day’s own words, financial advisors are useful tools for people who want to get a better grasp on their financial future. Financial planning is about working backwards from a goal and determining what steps you have to take to reach it. Want a new car? Down payment for a house? A safe and reliable retirement fund? Shannon Day can help you reach your goal – and will share a little inspiration along the way.

Shannon L. Day
1140 10th St 103


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