It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already coming to a close. The old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” is really true. This year we at WhatcomTalk had more fun than ever. We were thrilled and honored to share so many positive stories of what it’s like to live, work and play in Whatcom County. We were inspired by the outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations we met along the way. It truly has been an incredible year. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making Whatcom County such a wonderful place. As we step into 2018, join us for a look back with our WhatcomTalk 2017 Year in Review.

Top 10 most read stories of 2017:

  1. HGTV to Feature Whatcom County Realtor Paulina Antczak in Upcoming Episode of Hit Show “Beach Hunters”
  2. Meet Bellingham’s Natural Lee
  3. Building Positive Body Image at Bellingham Jazzercise
  4. Public Radio’s Luke Burbank Calls Bellingham Home Base
  5. Cascade Tiny Houses – A Time And Space Revolution
  6. BP Cherry Point Refinery Opens its Gates to the Community
  7. Top Ten Don’t-Miss Summer Activities in Whatcom County
  8. Bellingham’s Hidden Eateries of North State Street – Seven Pedestrian Friendly Finds for Foodies
  9. Swim, Paddle, Float — Where to Beat the Summer Heat in Whatcom County
  10. Bargain Bellingham – Take the Family Out to Eat at these Affordable Whatcom County Restaurants

Top search terms that brought readers to WhatcomTalk:

  1. WhatcomTalk
  2. Whatcom County Talk
  3. BP
  4. How to Grow Tomatoes
  5. Whatcom County Unified Soccer
  6. Whatcom County Events This Weekend
  7. Sunset
  8. To Do With Kids
  9. Bellingham Beaches
  10. Bellingham Restaurants

How our stories inspired or positively impacted our readers:

“I am appreciative of the many ways in which you foster community.” -Heather Huston

“I enjoy learning and then sharing the history of the area where I live. I like finding out about events that are upcoming, so that I can go out and be a part of my community.” –Linda Dahmen

“So many stories have influenced my husband and I to explore some beautiful places in our county.”  -Anne Lockie Brooks

“You write about places, businesses and events that I would not have known about otherwise and give me great ideas of fun things to do.” –Sara Baker

“In a world where everything is big and global it is just nice to have a local information source that cares about the citizens and what happens in just this little corner of the world. Thank you!” –Daniela Stephens

“The many stories of giving inspire me to give.” –Barb Lally

“Great positive slice of life stories and awesome photography.” –Anna Aylward

WhatcomTalk writers’ favorite stories:

“My favorite story of 2017 is one that I wrote on Whatcom County birding. Not only is birding an interesting and fun topic on its own but when writing the article, I was able to go out and meet with people of all ages and backgrounds, and enjoy the outside air while we treasure-hunted for rare and common birds alike.” -Taylor Lisa Bailey

“I was born in Bellingham and have lived here all my life. When I was in third grade, the ‘Unicycle Guy’ began his tradition of daily work commutes via unicycle. So for the past 14 years, I’ve seen this guy around town but have never known his story. Dan Burwell’s tellingly titled Meet Unicycle Guy – Joe Myers charmingly answers my questions and many more. This story makes me smile.” -Jade Thurston

“I’ve been wondering for years who the Unicycle Guy is! When I saw the title and photo, I instantly wanted to read the article and now, after reading it, I feel more connected and more appreciative of where I live.” -Will Kersten

“My very first thought was the story on Sara Holodnick. I know and just love both the person who wrote this story and the person this story is about.” -Karen Hanrahan

“My favorite story of 2017 was on Cascade Tiny Houses. There are a couple of reasons as to why I liked this story. First off, I love the idea of tiny houses and everything they represent, from taking up less space to creating less waste, they are a great idea. Secondly, this article introduced me to a family enacting this idea right here in Whatcom County, and it was awesome to know people are living in tiny houses in our community.” -Kenneth Clarkson

“One of the reasons I love writing for Whatcom Talk is getting to know the people and the great things they are achieving in my hometown. Interviewing the Smiths of Atwood Ales gave me a peek inside the brewing process on their farm (where they also grow many of the ingredients) and I learned about their efforts to cut out waste along the way. Their award winning beer can also boast that it is easy on the environment – cheers to that! I’m happy to be a part of something that highlights people doing great things all around us.” -Cassandra Darwin

Be sure to check out all of our writers’ favorite stories here.

We have enjoyed amazing photography from some of our talented readers. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Thank you for being a part of our Whatcom County community – for contributing and giving back so we can share your uplifting stories. We’re so excited to experience all the good in 2018!

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