Submitted by: Avenue Bread

Whatcom County’s Avenue Bread welcomed the month of December with a philanthropic bang! The long-standing, local company announced that they will donate 25 percent of their proceeds from all four deli locations to local charities for each Tuesday in December.

Avenue Bread already has a strong history of giving, through their Project Kneaded Dough monthly donations, in which 25 cents of every loaf sold in a deli goes to a local charity, nonprofit or organization and through their consistent donations of bread to churches, missions and the Bellingham Food Bank, which have surpassed 50,000 loaves donated every year. Not to mention their connection to Fairhaven’s The Filling Station, which donates proceeds every Tuesday as well.

However, this is a significant increase and one to celebrate to close out 2017.

On December 5, Avenue Bread supported Brigid Collins Family Support Center in their venerable effort to end child abuse and build strong families in Whatcom County. On that day, 25 percent of your coffee, meal, bread and pastry purchased at any of the four delis will go to support this organization and the families it protects. A busy week for Brigid Collins, their annual Breaking the Cycle Breakfast, where the organization presents its Community Leadership Award, took place on the following Thursday, December 7, at the Eaglemont Golf Course.

On December 12, Skookum Kids will receive 25 percent of Avenue Bread’s proceeds for that Tuesday. This year’s recipient of the Whatcom County Chamber’s Nonprofit of the Year award, Skookum Kids cares for foster children in Whatcom County, providing temporary housing and care as well as supporting foster families in their journeys. Although the organization’s headquarters are in Fairhaven, even a meal enjoyed at the Lynden location will support the organization on December 12.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County are not to be left out and will be the recipient of the company’s 25 percent donation on December 19. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County run all sorts of programs in the area, enabling young people to reach their full potential. From Bellingham to Blaine, programs like athletics and school help serve our kids, and $1500 is the cost to run programs for just one child for a year. Avenue Bread invites you to help them cover those costs by coming in to any deli location on December 19.

Finally, for the month’s last Tuesday, December 26, Avenue Bread will be honoring and supporting the work of DVSAS (Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services) which is ending domestic violence and transforming lives in Bellingham and the surrounding area. DVSAS relies heavily on its fantastic volunteers and individual donations, like this one. The company supported them this fall during Domestic Violence Awareness month, and they look forward to contributing even more this holiday season.

As stated on every paper bread bag, Avenue Bread is committed to a nourishing experience for the mind, body and soul in an era of increasingly conscious consumption. With this in mind, the company has chosen four deserving organizations to celebrate via donation each Tuesday for the rest of 2017. Please continue to follow Avenue on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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