Submitted by: Jonathan O’Brien Interior Design

Ah….color…that beautiful soft blue of the summer sky causes me to take a deep breath, sink into the fresh green grass and watch the world go by….. Color has an amazing impact on our moods and our emotions.

This space was designed to be both beautiful and inviting. Photo courtesy: Jonathan O’Brien.

Green is often correlated with nature, which is calm and relaxing. Think of the lush green trees blowing in the wind. It’s so soothing isn’t? Now imagine that color in your home as you sit relaxing in your own space.

The warm colors can spark your emotions from excitement to action. When we see red we think passion.  And when we see red, our mood may jump to one of energy and taking action.

The passion and scent of red roses invokes love of a partner and the breezy green of the forest trees can put us to sleep because of the delicate sounds and calming color.

We associate color with emotion and inspiration.

I love creating the perfect mood in the home of a client and different colors can do that! Color is amazing! And, believe it or not, no color, like a house full of beige, can actually be really under-stimulating. We don’t want that!

Putting color into your life and your home can change your emotional reactions and your mood.

Different colors bring out different moods and can even bring out different moods in different people. The marvelous  world of color has a different  meaning for each and every one of us.


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