Born into a construction family in Poland, Paulina Antczak has always had an intrinsic feel for homes. When her family brought their flooring business to the United States, her budding interest in houses began to blossom. Even when she was younger, she describes being able to walk into homes and immediately visualize ways to maximize their appeal and value. For her, a career in real estate was the most natural development in the world. As she put it, “Real estate is a perfect fit for me.”

Client, Sara Holliday, was excited to be a part of the show. Photo courtesy: Paulina Antczak.

Now a Realtor with Brandon Nelson Partners, Antczak’s hard work translated into early and frequent success. Just four months into her career, she was nominated for Rookie of the Year by the Whatcom County Association of Realtors (WCAR) and has since established herself as a dedicated, friendly and tenacious advocate for her clients. “She is living proof of the saying, “The harder you work the luckier you are,” says firm owner Brandon Nelson.

For Nelson, it came as no surprise when Antczak announced she had landed a spot on an upcoming episode of HGTV’s Beach Hunters. “We’re all just giddy,” says Nelson. “We’re so proud of her.” For Antczak, it all happened quickly. “I saw an email from a casting company, picked up the phone and gave them a call,” she says. “After a couple interviews with my clients and I, we got word that we were chosen.”

The episode of Beach Hunters featuring Antczak and her clients Sara Holliday and Lester Meeks airs on November 19 at 9:00 p.m. The episode will take viewers through the process of selecting and purchasing Sara and Lester’s dream waterfront home in Whatcom County. The program captures the beauty of the community as well as the variety and styles of local homes on the water.

Homebuyers are introduced to a variety of styles and locations on the Beach Hunters show. Photo courtesy: Paulina Antczak.

“It was so fun,” says Antczak. “The transaction itself was incredibly exciting and challenging, and the filming felt like it just flew by.” Although she’ll be seeing the final product for the first time when it airs, she knows from the experience that it will do a great job showing off our community. “I could do that every day,” she says with a smile. “It was a really cool experience.”

Having lived in Whatcom County for the last twelve years, Antczak describes the value of communal involvement. “It’s so important to know what’s going on around us and to be a part of it,” she says. “I feel really connected to this community.”

In 2014, after 30 years with their father Robert at the helm, Antczak and her brother Mike bought the flooring company, fully re-establishing it as Fairhaven Floors. Together, they’ve imbued it with the same attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction that has made her so successful as a Realtor. Along with Robert and their brother Jesse, the family business continues to thrive in a new era.

Whatcom County is highlighted in the November 19 broadcast of HGTV’s Beach Hunters. Photo courtesy: Paulina Antczak.

Heavily involved with the WCAR and a member of the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC), Antczak puts her heart into her efforts to connect people and continues to look for more opportunities to make a difference. “I want to do something where I can have a direct impact,” she says. “And when you give, you open the door to receiving.”

“I have always worked for small businesses,” Antczak says. “And now, I love being a small business owner. If I have an idea, I know there’s nothing stopping me from going out and doing it. There really is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

The same is true for her real estate business. “In real estate, you are constantly problem solving as you go through the transaction process,” she says. “My goal is to decrease the stress of the client and resolve potential issues before they even surface.”

At Brandon Nelson Partners, her indomitable attitude and exemplary service have found a welcome home. She enthusiastically explains the support she receives from the other Realtors in the office as well as the high expectation of professionalism and client care. With over 80 percent of the firm’s business resulting from referrals, she’s able to stay focused on the success and happiness of her clients.

Local Realtor, Paulina Antczak, introduces HGTV’s Beach Hunters to the beautiful views of Whatcom County. Photo courtesy: Paulina Antczak.

Antczak describes Nelson as a visionary and leader with a focus on the community and clients, and it’s easy to see why. “We’re raising the industry standards of service and understanding of every aspect of real estate,” says Nelson when asked of the firm’s values. “We are always looking to how we can make it right and how we can make it better,” and that is exactly how Antczak approaches her career, business and community involvement.

Antczak is already hard at work planning the future of her business and how she can continue to better service her clients and make an impact. “Real estate is everything I’ve been looking for,” she says. “I’m a lifer.”

Catch the Beach Hunters episode on HGTV on November 19 at 9:00 p.m. and see a glimpse into the fascinating life of local Realtor Paulina Antczak.


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