May saw the addition of many new and interesting local reads to the pages of WhatcomTalk. Each month we like to take a look back at what most resonated with our community. Here are some of WhatcomTalk’s most read stories in May:

Building Positive Body Image at Bellingham Jazzercise

Instructors at Bellingham Jazzercise give students a great workout while focusing on the many other benefits of physical activity. Photo credit: Linda Atkins.

WhatcomTalk’s most read story was all about Jazzercise! When you think of Jazzercise you probably envision women in leg warmers and leotards bouncing to the beats of 80s pop music. But while the spandex and oversized shirts of yore may be back in style, Jazzercise has changed greatly. While cardio dance programs like Jazzercise are known for offering great workouts, instructors now focus on the benefits that keep students healthy in other ways.

The Community of Coffee

Ola Sinnes, Bob VanderPloeg, Doug Bouwman, Willy Cadman and Vic Rohwer meet at the Hilltop to discuss current affairs and the good old days. Photo credit: Janine Johnson.

Coffee groups are a source of community and meaning. There is no agenda as they talk about books and current events. They get nostalgic and fondly revisit memories of their pasts. Over time acquaintances become friends. Each participant knows that if they didn’t show up, they would be missed.

Public Radio’s Luke Burbank Calls Bellingham Home Base

Luke Burbank has been working in radio in some form or another since his days as a student at the University of Washington. Photo credit: ©Jennie Baker for Live Wire Radio.

Luke Burbank wears a lot of hats. A panelist for 10 years on National Public Radio’s Chicago-based “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” news quiz show, Burbank also hosts Portland, Oregon’s “Live Wire Radio.” Maybe you’ve heard of a little television program called “CBS Sunday Morning”? He’s a correspondent there, as well.

Editor’s Pick: Bargain Bellingham – Take the Family Out to Eat at these Affordable Whatcom County Restaurants

This family enjoys some sunshine and lemonade at Fairhaven Fish and Chips while waiting for their order. Photo credit: Amy Blackwood.

Every family needs a break from cooking at home from time to time, but the next challenge is often deciding on what restaurant to visit. Luckily there are a lot of delectable options around town that offer good food at reasonable prices and support our community to boot! So put your worries at ease and choose from one of these neighborhood gems the next time your crew starts looping the seemingly endless “Where do you want to go?” – “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” discussion.


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