Submitted by United Way of Whatcom County

To increase access to early learning and promote early literacy, United Way of Whatcom County announced that approximately 8,000 kindergarten readiness calendars are available free of charge to families with children in preschool and kindergarten in Whatcom County.

The project has been made possible through a partnership with Boeing, Washington State Department of Early Learning, Washington Head Start, Whatcom Early Learning Alliance, and United Way. “We truly appreciate all the support of this project and Boeing’s special partnership with United Way to invest in our community and make this resource possible for parents and kids,” said Peter Theisen, President/CEO of United Way of Whatcom County.

This year’s calendars are updated with new art, new activities, and a whole new look. The 12 month September – August calendars are packed with simple ideas of how to turn everyday activities into learning opportunities for children to help them be prepared for starting their school career on the right track. Additionally, the calendars provide suggestions for establishing routines and places to go on ‘field trips’ as well as monthly recommended book lists. Other resources like contact information for schools and libraries in Whatcom County along with a resource list of websites for early learning is also included in the calendar.

Kindergarten Readiness Calendars are available in both English and in Spanish. The Whatcom Early Learning Alliance will be distributing the calendars on United Way’s behalf to their contacts and to local schools, libraries, and early learning centers. More calendars are also being distributed by United Ways in other participating counties across Washington State.

“These calendars are a great confidence builder for families as their children’s first teachers. They provide simple tools and ideas for turning every day experiences into learning opportunities. The Whatcom Early Learning Alliance is proud to be a part of this effort,” said Judy Ziels, Board Chair of the Whatcom Early Learning Alliance.  

To get a copy of the calendar, click here.

About United Way of Whatcom County

United Way of Whatcom County’s mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our communities to advance the common good through Education, Income, and Health. They provide leadership that galvanizes and connects a diverse set of individuals and institutions, and mobilize human and financial resources, to create long-term social change by advancing Education, Income, and Health for all. United Way of Whatcom County’s goals for the community involve: helping children/youth achieve their potential through academic success, ensuring individuals/families achieve financial stability and economic independence, and building individuals who are healthy and avoid risky behaviors.  To learn more about United Way of Whatcom County visit or check out the United Way of Whatcom County Facebook page.

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