Post-Op Care: Rest and Rehabilitate After Surgery at Lynden’s Christian Health Care Center

Rest and Rehabilitate After Surgery
Christian Health Care Center in Lynden. Photo courtesy: Christian Health Care Center.

Submitted by Christian Health Care Center

“I enjoy convalescence,” Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said. “It is the part that makes the illness worthwhile.”

Good luck convincing a doctor of that, though. After surgery, your care team isn’t likely to let you get away with much downtime.

Absolutely critical to successful recovery from surgery is a period of rehabilitation to restore movement and function. When it comes to recovery, extended bed rest is rarely good.

Rest and Rehabilitate After Surgery
Christian Health Care Center, located in Lynden, provides on-site physical therapy so its patients can rest and rehabilitate after surgery, at the same time. Photo courtesy: Christian Health Care Center.

That’s why Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) in Lynden provides on-site physical therapy, partnering with Infinity Rehab, to provide high-quality, focused rehabilitation services to its patients. Their physical therapists work to help patients restore lost movement and function by assisting with basic mobility and balance, pain relief, strength restoration and exercise.

Let’s say you have hip or knee surgery scheduled soon at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham. Once you’re discharged, there will be no convalescing (sorry, Mr. Shaw). Doctors will prescribe a regimen of physical therapy to help you strengthen your joints and get you back to normal.

A couple of weeks of focused inpatient therapy care can help speed up the healing process while also easing the burden on family members, who won’t have to drive you to appointments, help you with personal care, or fix you breakfast. Nursing professionals are available 24 hours a day at CHCC, meaning you’re never without assistance.

And because you’ll have more time with your therapist than you would during outpatient rehab, healing and recovery times can be much faster. At an in-patient rehab center, you’ll focus on rehab and recovery (and, yes, a little rest), working with physical and occupational therapists on a regular, consistent schedule.

Rest and Rehabilitate After Surgery
Transition services post-rehabilitation are also available for interested patients. Photo courtesy: Christian Health Care Center.

After all that hard work, when you’re ready to return home, CHCC also offers transition support to help ensure you’re set up for success.

Surgery is tough, and recovery is no picnic either. You should focus on the hard work of rehabilitation, and allow trained professionals to take care of the other important stuff, like meals, medication management, nursing care and support.


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