WhatcomTalk Helps Businesses Advertise Their Brands Through Community Content

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Understanding your audience is key to growing a business successfully. ©SouthSoundTalk.

WhatcomTalk began from a simple idea — that positive stories can shape the landscape of a community, informing residents and influencing decision-making in a geographic area. This idea took shape in the form of WhatcomTalk’s online community social network, sharing stories about where people live, work and play.

Of course, a major part of any community is the commerce that defines it. People spend their dollars every day on products and services, entertainment and excursions, nourishment and non-profit giving.

But how are these spending decisions made? Often, people rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or the reputation of a business in the community. Through authentic content marketing and advertising directly to Whatcom County decision makers, WhatcomTalk offers a way for businesses to help shape their brand and image in the community.

Share Your Story

advertise bellingham
WhatcomTalk’s publishing and sales teams work together to provide unique content marketing and advertising opportunities for businesses in Whatcom County.

Through featured business articles, crafted by a talented team of writers who live in the communities they write about, WhatcomTalk offers businesses a way to share their stories with a wider audience. Articles can highlight specific products, services and events, but can do much more.

Businesses shape their brands by telling stories about the people behind their products. How was a business started? What are your core values? How do you give back to the community? When people understand who makes a business thrive, they are more likely to spend dollars supporting a community member they learned about through an article.

WhatcomTalk offers an affordable way to advertise your business, through custom content created for you.

Reach a Broader Audience

WhatcomTalk’s content is published exclusively online. Articles are shared through a wide distribution network utilizing multiple social media platforms. With a reach of more than 57,000 unique people each month, a business has the potential to impact a broad audience over long periods of time. Content lives on the WhatcomTalk website forever, allowing businesses to access articles and utilize links for their own marketing through social media, websites, and blogs, leveraging those precious marketing dollars, stretching them further.

Target your Marketing Impact

Beyond content marketing, WhatcomTalk offers companies the chance to build their brand through logo sponsorships on community stories sharing the good things happening in Whatcom County. With targeted, planned campaigns, businesses can place their logos on stories with a specific geographic, demographic, or topic focus.

WhatcomTalk distributes content via social media sites like Facebook to reach more than 57,000 unique viewers.
WhatcomTalk distributes content via social media sites like Facebook to reach more than 57,000 unique viewers.

Looking to market to parents of young children? WhatcomTalk’s publishing team will match your logo with a story that appeals to parents. Is your business located in downtown Bellingham? We can connect your brand with an article about a community-wide festival or event in that area.

With fresh content published daily about your community, WhatcomTalk creates a streamlined, comprehensive way to advertise your business directly to the customers who live, work and play in your neighborhood.

WhatcomTalk is a digital media company sharing positive stories about people, places and businesses in Whatcom County. WhatcomTalk offers content marketing and online options to advertise in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, and beyond. Advertise with WhatcomTalk to reach your target market, grow your brand, and measure results.


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