The Heart and Soul of Squalicum Girls Varsity Basketball

Squalicum High School’s Girls Varsity Basketball program is thriving this year with a winning record of 10-3 so far in the 2017-2018 season. The girls are working very hard to achieve their ultimate goal of making it to state. With diligence and determination this team believes that they will reach their destination. The addition of four new players will improve their chances of succeeding throughout this journey, while the return of six past players will support it as well. Not only does this team have immense skill and a strong work ethic, they also have a remarkably special bond. Together they have the potential to flourish through the remainder of the season.

This group of talented players is sure to go far. Photo credit: Katauna Loeuy.

Although they have lost a few games, the team refused to let these events set them back from what they truly desire. Chalae Wolters, one of the team’s senior captains stated that, “As a team we failed to mentally prepare against Sehome. We came in cocky and figured that it would be easy but we lost by five and we learned a valuable lesson to never underestimate the opponent.” For every failure that has happened this season, the girls have learned how to redeem themselves and move past the defeat. Not only is this lesson imperative in basketball, it is teaching these young ladies how to deal with adversity in their personal lives as well. Rather than giving up and accepting these losses, this team has shown tremendous growth from their first game and will continue to progress in the near future.

Overall this program focuses on assisting the girls to be excellent basketball players, as well as better individuals in society. The focal point isn’t to be the most valuable player on the court or to perfect every skill in the game. It’s to display effort in aiding this team to be successful. Victor Wolffis, the team’s coach, hopes to, “Develop a culture where mistakes are okay and recognize them, admit to them, change them and move on.” He shares the motto of this year’s program, to be the change and honor the storm nation. Before each practice and game, Wolffis takes the time to sit down with his team and contemplate their past plays and a plan for future evolution. These individuals work together relentlessly to accomplish their goals.

This year, the team has really found their stride. Photo credit: Katauna Loeuy.

Out of the fourteen schools in the league, Squalicum is standing at seventh on the list with seven more games left before post season games, if qualified. There’s some tough competition this season but if the girls are truly committed to their goal and conscientious of their actions, they have the chance to attain a great outcome.

Winning can be very rewarding after so much effort, however everything this program stands for is more gratifying than any victory. These girls put in approximately eighteen hours of basketball per week along with their academics.

“I’ve learned how to be a great teammate and be a part of a great community, and to not dwell on my past mistakes but to look forward to the future,” says Grace Schroder, a varsity freshman.

The team’s coaches strive to create young leaders. After basketball and high school, team members will carry the memory of their experiences, as well as the lessons that they have learned from each of them.

This team is incredibly unique. Squalicum has built an unbelievably successful program. Although they may not be first in the state at the moment, their hard work and dedication is remarkable. Not only have these players dedicated themselves to improving their skills, they have developed a family that will continue to blossom throughout the remainder of the season and beyond.

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