Dr. Troy Dillard Joins PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center with a Focus on Community

Troy Dillard, MD, considers himself lucky to do something he feels strongly about every day. “I feel so good at the end of the day when I know I’ve made a difference for at least one person,” says Dr. Dillard, an endocrinologist with PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center.

Dr. Dillard specializes in thyroid disorders, diabetes, pituitary disorders and obesity, among other conditions. Photo courtesy: PeaceHealth.

Dr. Dillard arrived in Bellingham in July 2017 from Portland, Oregon where he served as the President of Northwest Endocrinology, LLC in Tualatin. He saw incredible opportunity in a community with a small-town feel. So he joined the endocrinology team at PeaceHealth Medical Clinic’s Cordata location. “The opportunities to be a part of the community excite me,” says Dr. Dillard.

Dr. Dillard explains that, as an endocrinologist, he specializes in thyroid disorders, diabetes, pituitary disorders and obesity, among others. And, as a physician with the Nutrition and Diabetes Clinic in Bellingham, he intends to work with patients on lifestyle and nutrition choices.

With the rise of diabetes, he sees an opportunity for more education in the community when it comes to preventing and dealing with a disease that he describes as reaching epidemic proportions. He explains that often, when a patient reaches his office, things have progressed beyond simple maintenance.

“We are surrounded by wonderful food, but often these foods are dense in calories or fat or sugars” Dr. Dillard says as he explains the importance of education.  “Everyone has challenges in making good choices.”

Dr. Dillard says that he plans to provide community education regarding the impact of nutrition and fitness choices on health.  With so many choices to make when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle, it can be virtually overwhelming to know what direction to turn for the answers and information.

“We are all advocates and allies on this path,” says Dr. Dillard of the opportunity to provide education to the community about diabetes, nutrition and good choices.

The PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Nutrition and Diabetes clinic supports those people who are living with diabetes mellitus and problems with weight regulation and may be feeling overwhelmed about the management of their disease. The clinic also works with patients to help them understand how to manage their health through diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and improved use of diabetes medications.

The benefits of this type of therapy and self-management education are that it can result in better food choices and prevention of some nutrition-related diseases. Better nutrition also can improve energy levels and overall well-being. The clinic works to help individuals achieve their health goals in a positive and supportive environment.

“It is an honor to be at PeaceHealth,” says Dr. Dillard. “PeaceHealth has a strong commitment to the community and to endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases.  I am proud to ally with an institution with compassionate values at the very heart of their mission.”

Dr. Dillard describes working with his patients as a combination of providing encouragement for positive change and coaching to help initiate and maintain those changes.

“I also try to walk the walk,” Dr. Dillard continues. “I do my best to engage in those same lifestyle habits I preach to my patients.” With four children, Dr. Dillard understands the importance of maintaining health and an active lifestyle. As a distance runner, he has enjoyed running half marathons and full marathons, with his next event in October in Victoria, British Columbia.

Dr. Dillard, along with PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, is dedicated to the community and to providing high quality health care, education and support. With the ever-growing need for education and state-of-the-art endocrine care, Dr. Dillard is ready and poised to help.


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